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“Unsung army” of examination invigilators are pioneers for new qualification

Invigilators at a Plymouth school are the first in the UK to achieve an IQ qualification designed to recognise their professionalism and raise standards in the conduct of examinations delivery.

Gill Chapman, Examination Officer at the school, who leads the exam team at Coombe Dean School, is a member of the Examination Officers’ Association (EOA) Board of Trustees, which is a membership body representing the examinations community in the UK and abroad who offer, in addition to this Level 2 Award in Invigilation presented to Gill’s 14 invigilators, Level 3 Awards for Senior Invigilators and for those managing the whole invigilation programme in their centres.

At a presentation ceremony held at the school on the 26th of October, representatives from the EOA, the awarding organisation Industry Qualifications (IQ), the local press and senior managers at the school congratulated the first recipients of the qualification.

Gill Chapman expressed her pleasure that her team is the first to achieve the qualification:

“I am very proud of the Coombe Dean invigilators who have all worked incredibly hard to give every student a fair and even chance to fulfil their potential. Each examination series sees 700 students across five year groups undertaking exams; the planning, logistics and financing of each series is critical and training of invigilators is critical to their success.”

Andrew Harland, CEO of the Examination Officers’ Association said, “Congratulations to all of Gill’s team, and I think this sends a clear message to senior leadership teams, the Department for Education (DfE), Ofqual, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and all awarding bodies that the exam office community are driving good practice in their centres so that all learners are provided with that world class exam system which this government often references in its present round of education reforms. The exam office community are doing their bit to make that happen.”

Industry Qualifications, the first pan-sector mutual awarding organisation in the UK, accredit the qualification, one of a suite of three qualifications for invigilation staff developed by the EOA earlier in 2013. Resources to support the qualification include a specially produced DVD focussing on good invigilation practice, online courses, and ‘in-house’ training provided by IQ and EOA partners in this Exam Team Development (ETD) programme. Dr. Anne Borrowdale of ETD said,

“We are delighted that the important work of Invigilators is being recognised through these qualifications. We hope that Examination Centres will encourage all their colleagues to gain the IQ Awards through the EOA’s invigilation programme.”

The new qualifications enable examination managers to provide their staff with structured and accredited training for those new to invigilation and those leading invigilation teams.

Head of Business Development of Industry Qualifications, Sallyann Baldry said;

Further details for editors:

Industry Qualifications (IQ) provides a new approach to the operation of an awarding organisation and is approved by UK qualifications regulators, including Ofqual. It is a mutual awarding organisation that is owned by its members working across a range of economic sectors. IQ values partnership and enjoys a world class reputation for the integrity of its assessment, governance and relationship with stakeholders.

Please contact Sallyann Baldry on 01952 457452 or email

Examination Officers’ Association (EOA) lobbies and represents its’ members in supporting the raising of examination standards. The provision of Continuing Professional Development opportunities for all those engaged in managing and running examinations is a central aspect of their work as a professional body representing the examinations community.

Please contact Andrew Harland on 0118 975 8552 or email

Nov 06, 2013 04:07 PM