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An Update for IAM Centres

All IAM centres working with IQ should be aware of the following points:

1. Registrations for the March assessment series are now closed.

If you have registered candidates with us for this series, IQ’s Admin team will be in touch shortly with regards to payment for assignment and examination submissions.

New registrations for June and beyond will shortly be opened to all IAM centres directly on the IQR portal. Further details on this will be available in due course.

2. The existing IAM member portal is only being used to distribute the assignment and qualification syllabuses.


Please DO NOT make payments on the IAM member portal as it is linked to IAM's old accounts and we are unable to recoup payments from that system.

3. Case Studies

Centres running exams for the following examinations will be sent case studies separately. Please advise learners not to use the examination case studies on the IAM portal as they are inaccurate:


  • 1006101 : Level 4 Group 3 : Tesco Case Study
  • 1006301 : Level 4 Group 4 : Tesco Case Study
  • 1005901 : Level 5 Group 2 : Philips Case Study
  • 1006201 : Level 5 Group 3 : ARM Case Study


Assignment case studies on the member portal remain valid, however.

If you or your students no longer have access to the IAM member portal please email with details of what you require and we can provide it via email.


Note for Independent Candidates

IQ will still be accepting assignments from independent candidates ready for the 28th March deadline. For details on how to register and send the relevant payment, please email with your candidate details and let us know what you are looking to submit.

Feb 27, 2017 08:15 PM
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