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Development Spotlight: Travel Safety for Women

This edition of development spotlight we are going to take a look at an upcoming customised qualification (CQF), Travel Safety for Women.

This award is being developed in conjunction with Rutherford Training Consultants (RTC), an IQ centre with considerable experience in this sector, having provided training courses in travel security for many years.  With a spate of recent attacks on women around the globe, both IQ and RISC recognised the need for an accredited qualification in order to help women understand and reduce the many risks that they could potentially face whilst abroad.

The qualification consists of a single unit divided around three key themes; thorough preparation and how to effectively plan your itinerary and minimise risk; personal safety whilst abroad, including ways to avoid crime and keep yourself safe, and conflict resolution practices for situations involving violence.

Whilst this qualification is aimed specifically at women travellers, it will soon form one part of a suite of three awards that are currently in development, all with the aim of making travel safer. The additional qualifications will include one for backpackers, with a focus on gap-year students and one for executive travellers.

IQ and RTC will be holding a launch for this qualification on May 22nd at Walkabout restaurant next to Temple Underground Station in London. There will be two workshops showcasing some of the practical elements of the qualification. If you are interested in attending the launch you can contact Rutherford Training on 0208 434 3459 or email


The development of an IQ customised qualification, as opposed to one on a national framework such as the QCF, has a number of significant benefits to the originating organisation. There is greater flexibility in terms of the design and structure, for example allowing units of different sizes and levels to be put together. A training provider or employer can accredit a course they already offer or develop a structured learning plan around a skills-gap that they have identified. A significant benefit of the CQF is the reduced development timeframe, we offer guarantees attached to the turnaround time for approval, enabling training providers or employers to rapidly capitalise on market opportunities or business needs.

Organisations that place awards on IQ’s Customised Qualification Framework are also able to retain some or all of the intellectual property. We also encourage our centres to make any accompanying learning materials available through IQ Resources, enabling them to create an additional income line.

For more information on the development process, click on the link below or get in touch.

Jun 03, 2013 11:31 AM