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IAM FAQ - For Students, Centres & Members

Last updated 28th February 2014

The following Frequently Asked Questions list relates to IQ’s purchase of the Institute of Administrative Management and is divided into three sections: students, centres & members.

    Current students - frequently asked questions

    IAM centres - frequently asked questions

    IAM members - frequently asked questions


We will continually update this list over the coming months with additional information and questions so please take the opportunity to recheck should further questions arise. Answers will be expanded upon as more information becomes available. If you have a question that is not covered by the list, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.


Current Learners

Q: I’m currently enrolled on an IAM qualification / midway through my course, will I be able to continue with my studies?

A: Yes (with the exception of the National College and MOD specific qualifications), we are currently transferring the qualifications to IQ so you will be able to continue as before.

Q: I was due to sit an examination / submit an assignment in March. Is this still going ahead?

A: We have moved the March series back to 25th - 28th March. Contact your centre for more information.

Q: I’ve already paid my registration fees; will I have to pay again?

A: No, if you had already enrolled on your course then, provided we receive confirmation from the centre you registered with, we will honour all registration payments previously made to the IAM. Where examination / assignment fees apply, however, we will still require these to be paid.

Q: I’ve already submitted my assignments / sat my examinations and am waiting for my results, when can I get them?

A: We are working to process results as quickly as possible and candidates who are in this situation remain our number one priority. We will need to moderate existing work for quality purposes, however, meaning that we are unlikely to be able to confirm your result until after the March assessment series.

Q: Will my course content remain the same? / Will the assignment & examination marking criteria remain the same?

A: For the time being yes. We are looking to transfer all of the qualifications with the minimal amount of changes or disruption possible. Over the coming months, however, we may start to review the courses and make some changes but if you are already enrolled on a programme it will be unchanged.

Q: I am not attached to a centre but instead registered on a qualification as an independent candidate. What should I do?

A: Contact IQ by phone or email so we can log your details and ensure you are tracked in our system.

Q: I have assignments I want to submit for marking / moderation in March, how do I do this?

If you are an independent candidate please let us know the details of the assignments you are submitting as soon as possible and ensure that you return them to us by the deadline of Friday the 28th March.


Q: Our centre was recognised by the IAM, are we now an IQ centre?

A: Yes, all IAM centres will now be provisionally recognised as IQ centres. This will enable us to clear the current backlog of students and get you up and running again. Once this backlog has been processed, however, you will be subject to the full quality assurance requirements of IQ, which involves an annual external verification / approval visit from IQ. Once this has occurred you should be in a position to receive an IQ centre approval certificate and appropriate certification claim status.


Q: Will there be any costs to becoming an IQ centre?

A: Not initially. When we undertake the approval / EV visit there will be a small cost associated to this activity which will then occur on an annual basis.

Q: We have X learners currently registered on IAM qualification Y, how can we transfer them to you?

A: The first step is to download, complete and return the spreadsheet that can be found here: This will enable us to obtain a much greater understanding of which qualifications we need to prioritise in bringing live. The deadline for returning this form is Thursday 20th February.

Q: I've missed the deadline for returning the centre demand form and registering for the March series but I still want to put candidates through in March, is this possible?

A: Unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate you and your candidates within the March series. Please do still get in touch as soon as possible, however, and we will do our best to get you set up on our systems in time.

Q: Are you planning on sticking to the IAM’s assessment timetable, specifically with regards to the March series?

A: No, we have moved the March series back to the 25th - 28th March. Information regarding the June series will be communicated at a later date.

Q: We have marked students’ assessments ready to be submitted and verified. What is the process for this?

A: Due to time constraints you will now need to submit these as part of the March series. We will then aim to process the results as quickly as possible.

Q: Will the fees remain the same / what will the registration and certification costs be?

A: TBC. We expect to make an announcement on initial pricing soon but do not expect this to change from current published IAM rates. We will be reviewing processes and procedures over the next quarter, however, with a view to streamlining and hope that this will result in more competitive pricing. We will be able to make an early change with regards to NVQ pricing, though, which will fall in line with current IQ pricing at £50 per qualification, with immediate effect.

Q: When can we start registering new candidates on the IAM qualifications?

A: We hope to open up the qualifications to new registrations at the beginning of March. You will need to be set up as a centre on our registration systems to do this, however, so please get in touch directly if you haven't already.

Q: What will the registration process look like? / How will we register candidates?

A: We will not be using the IAM registration forms. For the March series we will be confirming candidates on a spreadsheet via email. Moving forwards though, this will likely be through our own IQR registration system. Further information and guidance will of course be provided on this in due course.


Q: Are you re-launching the Institute as a membership body?

A: Yes! We will provide more details in the coming weeks and months and will be launching an open consultation on the direction of the Institute in March but we envisage that much of the current membership structure and levels will remain the same.

Q: Can I still use the IAM letters after my name? E.g. FInstAM

A: Yes.

Q: I am currently a fully paid member, will my membership still be valid?

A: Yes. We have some work to do to develop an understanding of membership payments but we will honour all payments that have been made so far and membership will remain valid for those whose membership has not expired.

Q: My membership is expiring / has expired. Are you accepting renewals?

A: Not at this stage. Please bear with us until the Institute is officially relaunched in Spring.

Q: Are you enrolling new members?

A: We hope to be in a position to welcome new members from April this year. Our target is to grow the membership base and re-establish IAM as a vibrant institute.

Q: Will IAM remain an awarding organisation?

A: No, the awarding operation will be separated from IAM and managed within the IQ portfolio of qualifications. However, the IAM management suite that we have purchased will be branded IAM. The institute will focus solely on providing membership services, research, learning events etc.

Q: Will you be celebrating IAM’s centenary?

A: Yes! More on this to follow!

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