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IQ Strengthens Glazing Qualifications with New Price Offer

With 13 qualifications and 11 apprenticeship pathways now available in this sector, IQ are improving our offer for training providers that become an IQ centre before July 31st 2013.

The IQ Advantage

The entry of IQ into the glazing sector gives training companies and employers increased choice. Just because things have been done in a particular manner for many years, does not mean that they need to continue to be undertaken that way. IQ have looked at the sector from the perspective of best and national practice and made some important changes.


  • Prices are significantly less than those of the market leader, for identical qualifications. The published rate for an IQ NVQ is £50. The pricing offer detailed below reduces IQ fees still further.
  • Offers direct claim status to centres, reducing the number and cost of external verification visits.
  • Does not license assessors or centres. There is no regulatory requirement and little or no benefit from a quality assurance perspective to this activity.
  • Allows additional assessors to be added to a centre’s profile within 2 working days (subject to a CV and sector competence check).
  • Guarantees to dispatch certificates within 3 working days of a (direct claim) centre’s application, improving cash flow for those eligible for public funding.
  • Offers the complete apprenticeship bundle, including, from summer 2013, IQ Functional Skills.
  • Provides opportunities for centres to re-sell training materials through the IQ network.
  • Provides access to international markets.

In addition to all of this, as a pan-sector awarding organisation, offering over 100 QCF accredited qualifications, we can help you diversify and extend your training portfolio. Our qualifications also cover management, administration, customer service, health & safety and facilities management.

New Pricing Offer

IQ pricing is already highly competitive in comparison to the market leader, but to help persuade providers of the many benefits that our service entails, IQ is offering:-

  • A 10% reduction on the price of its glass sector NVQ’s, guaranteed until 2015, for those organisations becoming IQ centres before 31 July 2013.  NVQ’s from IQ will be just £45 for those taking up the offer.
  • Centres that make 10 registrations with IQ before 31 July 2013 will have the cost of their EV visit (charged at £300) completely refunded; this means you can become an IQ centre at zero cost.


If you are interested in becoming an IQ centre, read more about the process here, or give us a call on 01952 457 452.

Apr 25, 2013 10:43 AM