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IQ to Hold First Elections in July

Industry Qualifications is to hold its first elections for membership of its management committee in July.

The election is open to representatives from organisations that are members of IQ Qualifications LLP, and is an important component of the innovative mutual structure that underpins IQ.

"The IQ Qualifications Management Committee is comprised of three elected members, and three people appointed by the board of Industry Qualifications Ltd (IQ)" said Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ. "It plays an important role in overseeing finance and the distribution of surpluses, provides a formal structure to enable customers to influence the direction of IQ, and plays a critical role in the quality assurance and complaints aspects of IQ activities. By involving customers in peer group and service review, IQ drives up quality standards and remains responsive to its customer base. It also ensures complete transparency in operation".

Becoming a member of IQ Qualifications LLP costs nothing. All that is required is that the organisation is a centre with a good track record for quality provision and has signed up to the LLP agreement. The benefit is an opportunity to be involved in the development of IQ and share in any surpluses made.

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Jun 12, 2013 11:27 AM
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