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IQ’s Registration System is the First to Achieve Integration with the Learning Records Service in 2012

The Learning Records Service has approved IQ’s learner management system as the first awarding organisation system to achieve full web services integration to verify learners and upload learner achievements to the Personal Learning Record (PLR) against the new requirements.

IQ Registration System (IQR), a custom deployment of Aptech’s Qualifications Learner Management System (QLMS), is the first awarding organisation system in 2012 to achieve integration with the PLR to allow learner details to be verified and learner achievements to be uploaded once they are achieved.

Technical director of Aptech System, Anil Pathak says, “QLMS was one of the first qualification management systems to take in to account and automate the rules of combination of the QCF. In tradition with being at the forefront of system innovation and compliance with regard to regulatory changes, we are pleased to announce that ASL has become the first software supplier in the UK to achieve automated PLR integration via web services against the new requirements. Our rapid development demonstrates both our capability and dedication towards our clients, and IQ’s keenness to implement best practice requirements within the education sector.”

These developments are in-line with new requirements issued by the Skills Funding Agency earlier this year requiring all awarding organisations to collect and upload all learner achievement information for funded learners by January 2013. The achievement information submitted by IQ will be used by statutory bodies to manage skills requirements and funding provision, but will also deliver a number of benefits to learners. Future plans for the PLR will allow the record to be accessed by learners directly, and for the records to be used to validate achievements to employers and learning institutions.

“The changes have been developed to minimise the impact of process changes on centres,“ says Linda Affleck-Drimer, Operations Manager at IQ Qualifications. “Rather than requiring individual ULN validation for each candidate, centres can continue to register funded learners using existing methods, including spreadsheet upload, as long as they ensure that ULN information for funded candidates is included in the registration. The information is validated periodically by QLMS and any detected errors against the candidate record will be notified to centres by email for their attention. The seamless integration service will be accessible once the LRS issues the version 9 system release in early 2013.”

Centres looking for more information about the Changes to the Registration Procedure for funded learners with IQ, please see the announcement:

Further details for editors:

Aptech System has extensive experience in the hospitality and education sector, specialising in providing comprehensive, customised software solutions, IT consultancy, IT outsourcing, software development, web based solutions, application automation & data centre hosting solutions. Their other products include e-portfolio systems, 360 review and hospitality management systems.

The Learning Records Service is a governmental organisation designed to support learners at all levels to access, manage and use their own achievement information - such as qualifications, awards or training received as they progress through education, training and lifelong learning.

A Unique Learner Number (ULN) is a 10-digit reference number which identifies the Personal Learning Record of anyone over the age of 14 involved in UK education or training. Learners will retain the same number for accessing their Personal Learning Record.

The Personal Learning Record (PLR) records all learner achievements and is an accessible record of learning participation and achievement which will help learners to take control of their personal learning development.

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