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Monday Motivation - 7 Reasons Monday's Aren't So Bad!

We decided to challenge ourselves this Monday to come up with reasons why Monday’s aren’t so bad and here’s what we came up with;

We’ve all been there – the dreaded Monday back to work following a relaxing weekend of ‘me time’.

For many people Monday signifies the end of their weekend away from work and marks the longest point until the next weekend even begins.

Statistics show that most people don't crack their first smile until at least 11:16 AM and also show that at least 16 minutes of the day are spent just moaning about the fact that it's Monday!

But why? What is it about Monday's that make getting out of bed so difficult and how do we change this?

We decided to challenge ourselves this Monday to come up with reasons why Monday’s aren’t so bad and here’s what we came up with;

1. Monday’s are a new beginning! – A fresh start to your week can see you leaving behind any negativity that may have affected you the week prior. Monday gives you the opportunity to start fresh and set time aside for tasks you may not have gotten around to yet.

2. Monday’s can be super productive! – After a weekend of rest and recharging our batteries we are able to come into the office feeling brand new and ready to kick butt. Statistics show that the highest percentage of tasks are completed on a Monday, compared to the lowest on a Friday.

3. Monday is the perfect time to set new goals! - Whether it’s starting something new, breaking a bad habit or creating a game plan to get you back on target - Monday is the best time to set new goals. A clean slate gives us the opportunity to refresh and rethink our strategies to go into the week ahead ready for battle.

4. You have a whole week to accomplish your goals! – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Monday is the start of a new week! You have a whole week ahead to progress towards your targets and accomplish the goals you have set. 5 full days ahead to impact your customers and company!

5. It’s least likely to rain on a Monday! – Statistically speaking, Monday's are supposed to be the least rainy day of the week due to man-made pollution decreasing over the weekend!

6. Only four more sleeps until Friday! – We don’t like the idea of working for the weekend, but it’s always nice to have a little something to look forward to. Pushing yourself and working hard throughout the week to meet your targets will mean that Friday feeling will feel sooo much better – a well earned rest!

7. You get to see your colleagues again! – When you work among a team you enjoy spending time with, Monday is a blessing. After a short break it’s great to socialise and enjoy the company of your colleagues, especially if you haven’t been able to do much socialising during the weekend!

So - we challenge you to begin your week positively and see how your optimism can drive you forward from strength to strength throughout your week!

Mar 18, 2019 03:37 PM
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