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Proper Preparation Key to Security for Women Travellers

IQ are to launch a new suite of qualifications on traveller safety.

“Preparation is the key to safety and security for women travellers” says Ian Rutherford, of RISC Consultants/Rutherford Training Consultants(RTC).

“A number of attacks on women travellers have been reported in the national media over the last few weeks. Knowledge of the types of dangers, understanding of the risks and knowing how to mitigate those risks with thorough prior planning can drastically reduce the threat”.

RTC has been providing training in travel security for some years and noted the need for a risk based and methodical approach to improve safety for all those who travel. Seeking best in class, RISC approached national awarding organisation, Industry Qualifications (IQ), to provide accreditation of the training. The accreditation process means that course content is subject to external review and developed with underpinning processes to ensure that content is continuously reviewed and kept up to date. Trainers must meet agreed professional standards whilst delivery and assessment is scrutinised by IQ’s external verifiers. Course participants are assessed with a series of practical exercises which provide the basis for research based preparation for travel to worldwide destinations.

This qualification forms part of a suite of three travel security awards; for executives, gap year students and women travellers. Each provides course participants with pragmatic information on essential travel documentation, the customs of a country, medical, health and emergency information and money and financial issues as well as focussed information on situational and terror threat awareness, hostage avoidance and conflict resolution.

Head of Business Development of Industry Qualifications, Sallyann Baldry said;

“Whether women travel for business or leisure this qualification provides them with a practical tool kit focussed on the specific hazards that women travellers face. By building a comprehensive body of knowledge about your intended destination you can reduce risks, both to your personal security and in preventing other forms of crime.”

A media launch is planned for 22nd May at London’s Walkabout restaurant next to Temple Underground station on Embankment.


Further details for editors:

Rutherford Training Consultants is a trading company of RISC Consultants Ltd.

Rutherford Training Consultants (RTC) have been at the forefront of training provision and best practice within the security and leisure industries for well over a decade. Throughout this period they have come to be regarded as an industry leader in the provision of high quality expert security tuition.

RTC specialise in delivering expert training across the diverse operational sectors.


For more information please contact Ian Rutherford on 01208 816709 or at

Apr 25, 2013 10:43 AM