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SIA Changes in Requirements For Licence Linked Qualifications

The SIA have published updated requirements for the delivery of SIA Licence Linked Qualifications which come into effect on the 1st May 2018. The full document can be found either on the SIA website.

The changes in themselves are minimal the primary change is in the training hours.

A snapshot of what centres need to be mindful of includes:

  • CPD of all staff is kept up to date.
  • Risk Assessments for each venue required
  • Ensure there is robust procedures in place to ensure safe storage and transportation of exam materials.
    • Think of where you store exams presently, does it meet the requirements set out by the SIA? 
    • How do you transport exam material to and from external delivery venues
  • How do you recruit and train your invigilators?
  • First Aid requirements for Close Protection have been made clearer.
  • First Aid qualified personnel for physical intervention training
  • If using an external venue this should form part of your risk assessment. 
      • Is your PI tutor/assessor appropriately first aid qualified?
  • Robust Schemes of Work to reflect required qualification Delivery times.

This does not include:

    • Breaks in the delivery of the course
    • Assessing English Language skills
    • Course Registration/Checking ID
  • Procedures for flexible and/or distance learning.

One of the key changes to the delivery is the fact that each day should NOT exceed eight hours of contact time.  This will invariably impact onto the delivery and assessment of Qualifications such as Door Supervision and CCTV particularly dependent on the course numbers.

Centres who do not offer distance learning as part of their delivery model will have to bear in mind this will impact considerably with the minimum contact time for the Qualifications listed in annex a

All centres currently offering or wishing to offer the use of Flexible and/or Distance Learning in their Delivery of Licence linked Qualifications will require them to be re approved by no later than Friday 1st June 2018 irrespective if an Approval Visit has occurred.  Up until this date we will be offering free approval for all existing centres of their distance learning materials

Over the coming months we will be implementing a number of changes to support centres together with improving our support, guidance and processes.

This support and guidance will Include the introduction of resources for

  • English Language pre-requisite for learners
  • Distance Learning materials
  • Centre Delivery Manuals

Changes in processes will be provided separately but these are aimed at improving not only our support to centres experience but also to the assurance of quality for centres and their learners.

More information about guided learning hours, required contact time and credit values, click here.

If you have any concerns or would like more information, then please get in touch with us on: 01952 457452 or you can email us at

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