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The Hiring Landscape For Admin And Office Support Staff Is Changing.

The hiring climate is constantly evolving with employees prioritising different things in relation to their working environment. Meanwhile, priorities also change for employers and what they seek in potential candidates, which is ever more true when it comes to the administrative profession. 

Job titles under the umbrella of "administrative" continues to grow and alongside this the responsibilities between like-for-like job titles become increasingly different and diverse. This is why we are seeing conversations trying to emphasise and highlight that there is no "typical" administrator and that administrative staff aren't just "admin".

In fact, administrators now require an increasingly diverse skill set to ensure they remain at the top of the recruitment pool. Of course, there are the core skills that are needed to be a successful administrative professional such as communication skills and having an eye for detail and, there are some responsibilities that remain more common across job titles. However in today’s marketplace the admin professional sees their role go beyond traditional responsibilities to include writing business reports, lead generation roles, client management and marketing (to name just a few). In a recent salary guide it was stated that whilst the demand for administrative and office support staff is rising in line with business growth plans organisations are "seeking candidates with sector/industry experience and systems knowledge, who can provide specialist support and add value". 

With a shift in responsibilities and in attitudes, where people are starting to look at the admin world as a career people are starting to look to find progression routes. For some, because administrative roles align and give exposure to so many business functions they are a way to spring board into other careers, such as marketing, operations or HR. Perhaps this is the driving force for the reported increase in administrative professionals seeking professional development opportunities over the past 12 months, but the question needs to be asked whether the development opportunities available accommodate the upskilling of a modern admin professional. 

The Institute Of Administrative Management said "The role of the admin professional is often still heavily misunderstood between colleagues, nor are they generally given the same professional recognition as others within a business. It is important that the training and qualifications in this field keep up with the changing admin landscape so that people have the knowledge they need to both start and progress in their career". 

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Aug 22, 2018 10:04 AM
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