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UK Workers to Receive Terror Response Training

IQ has been working with Global Reach Security Training LTD to create a bespoke qualification in working as an emergency response officer.

Following recent terror attacks and alerts across the globe, one million people that work in crowded areas in the UK are to receive terror response training.

The initiative will be announced by the National Police Chiefs Council and will extend existing schemes. Project Griffin was initially set up to train managers and security officers to deal with security and counter-terrorism issues.

Here at IQ we have recently been working with Global Reach Security Training LTD on developing a customised qualification in line with these current needs.

“The IQ Level 3 Award in Introduction to Working as an Emergency Response Officer is designed to develop learners knowledge and competence in acting as the first response in a variety of emergency situations such as facility failures, major domestic incidents, shootings, terrorist threats, so that they will be more able to function and to assist others including the emergency services. It is designed to enable the learner to respond to incidents, co-ordinate others and provide information to the relevant emergency services or authorities in order for them to more effectively resolve the incident or emergency. It covers empowerment of the individual, enhancing the capabilities of teams, awareness of surroundings, responding to incidents and reassuring clients, managers and the public.

It is aimed primarily at individuals working in the security industry, especially security staff who already possess a valid SIA licence and Project Griffin awareness trained but who intend to be upskilled with skills suitable for the specific environment they work in. It is also relevant to other customer-facing roles whom have attended The Project Griffin awareness course, such as reception staff, cleaners, maintenance and facility workers within organisations that cater for large gatherings of the public or other places of mass population such as shopping centres, theatres, restaurants, arenas, train stations, office complexes, airports, ports and bar districts within town centres.”

-       Rob Tolton, Director, Global Reach Security Training LTD

Feb 27, 2017 08:23 PM
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