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Upskilling Door Supervisors Qualification Becomes Mandatory in February 2013

The SIA announces that the Award for Upskilling Door Supervisors will become a mandatory requirement for all door supervisors qualified before June 2010 when renewing their SIA licence from 4th February 2013.

This training is already a compulsory part of the current nationally-recognised Award in Door Supervision introduced from June 2010. It is now to also become a requirement for those with the previous door supervision qualifications. Only door supervisors that have qualified before June 2010 will need to take the new award, as the content is included in the newer post-June 2010 qualification.

After 4th February 2013, any individual who currently holds a door supervisor licence but does not carry out licensable activities in this sector can obtain a security guarding licence without additional training on renewal of their licence.

The award includes physical intervention skills training, awareness of terrorist threats, considerations in dealing with 14 to 18 year-olds and first aid awareness. Being trained in the appropriate techniques and how to use them will help door staff to manage difficult situations, minimising the risk of injury to members of the public and to themselves.

As previously announced, IQ's Upskilling Qualification has been operational since June, and comprises of 3 mandatory assessments as follows :




Number of questions

Time allowed


Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors

Multiple choice question paper


20 minutes


Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry


Multiple choice question paper


30 minutes


Internally marked demonstration of skills, quality assured by IQ



All IQ approved centres gain access to a free downloadable workbook that covers the required learning for the Safety Awareness unit.

For more information, please see the press release released on the SIA website : 

For more information about the IQ Upskilling Qualification, please see: 

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