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IQ IAM Level 6 Extended Diploma in Business and Administrative Management (QCF)

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Qualification Number 601/2770/3
Title IQ IAM Level 6 Extended Diploma in Business and Administrative Management (QCF)
Category National
Sector Business & Administration
Operational Start Date 25/02/2014
Operational End Date 30/04/2015
Total Units 24 Mandatory Units
Min Guided Learning Hours 1465 Total Qualification Time
Min Age From 19


About this Qualification

Important Notice; This qualification is being expired on the  30/4/15, certification end date is 30/4/17.

The IQ IAM Level 6 Extended Diploma in Business Management is inspired by the MBA (Master in Business Administration) model and approaches learning in a practical, applied way.  It is for those who aim for high-level managerial roles in organisations.

It focuses on topics which are necessary for those who want to understand how organisations plan their activities at a strategic level and how they implement these plans in a way that contribute towards the smooth running of organisations and the maximisation of their competitive advantage.

This qualification is based on IQ IAM’s definition of administrative management, namely that the administrative management function supports organisations in planning, organising, directing, and controlling their business activities across all functional areas.  Thus, administrative management and administrative managers have a key role in ensuring that businesses gain and maintain their competitive advantage.  The qualification explores how businesses design and operate internal structures and systems which support these goals.

The Extended Diploma should, normally take three years to complete.  The units become gradually more difficult as candidates progress through the qualification.

Candidates will develop a holistic approach to business together with the analytical and evaluative skills necessary for those in management positions.  They will also become familiar with the theory which underpins research and with research methods and techniques.

This qualification leads to further studies in management at level 7 and to masters’ level study at higher education.

Unit Structure

IQ IAM Level 6 Extended Diploma in Business and Administrative Management (QCF)
Mandatory GroupMinimum Units:24
 Minimum Credits:360
 K/602/1809Administrative systems41040
 L/602/1821Advanced finance for business managers51050
 T/503/0907Advanced finance for decision makers62080
 D/503/1033Business Research63080
 Y/503/0916Customer focus for strategic advantage62080
 K/602/1812Finance for administrative managers41050
 A/602/1796Fundamentals of administrative management41560
 J/602/1817Human resource management51050
 R/602/1822Information for strategic decision making51050
 R/602/1819Knowledge management strategy5525
 D/503/0917Leadership skills62080
 D/602/1824Leadership, motivation and group dynamics51050
 M/503/0906Management information systems for business62080
 R/602/4865Managing business facilities41050
 F/602/1797Managing information and knowledge41560
 D/602/1810Managing operations41560
 H/602/1811Managing quality41050
 H/503/0918Managing risk in business62080
 R/503/0915Marketing management in business62080
 J/602/1820Operations management51575
 L/602/1818Organisational analysis and change51575
 D/503/0903Strategic management62080
 Y/602/1823The context of corporate governance51050
 K/503/0905The dynamics of leadership62080


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