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Functional Skills

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Functional Skills are undergoing a reform. For more information, follow this link!

These qualifications were developed in response to employers wanting more core skills in English, Mathematics and ICT, to prove staff could effectively problem solve. Having qualifications in functional skills shows you can apply English, Mathematics and ICT to real life contexts, enabling you to take on challenges in new settings and work independently. IQ Functional Skills qualifications are available in English, mathematics and ICT at:

  • Entry level 1
  • Entry level 2
  • Entry level 3
  • Level 1
  • Level 2

All of our level 1 and 2 Functional Skills can be delivered via either on-screen or paper-based assessment, providing flexibility to both learners and centres.


  • Registrations fully refundable if a candidate does not take the booked assessment
  • Fast turnaround of results for externally assessed papers once awarding has been achieved

Functional Skills Centre Timetable

Please find our latest Centre Timetable here.

Reformed Functional Skills September 2019

Ofqual have provided updated subject content and changes to both English and Mathematics Functional Skills from 1st September 2019. We will provide more information in January 2019 however the essential changes include;


A spelling task in the writing section only and changes to SPAG content.


The introduction of a calculator and non-calculator component with some additional subject content. You can find more information on the reformed functional skills here

Our current suite continues to run but keep an eye on our website for more information about the implementation of the new functional skills!