Becoming a centre

We recognise that becoming an IQ member takes a little more commitment and time than is usually required to become an assessment centre for an awarding organisation. However, we have a duty to our members to protect the intergrity of the IQ brand.

Joining IQ as an ordinary centre will allow you access to key IQ services, such as offering national and customised qualifications on our quality assurance procedures, without the added benefits, opportunities and commitment.

For ordinary centres, you are required to complete the centre approval form.

Centres will also have to fill in the relevant sections of the qualiification approval form.

  • If you would like to offer a nationally accredited qualification, please submit Appendix A.
  • If you would like to develop a customised qualification on our framework, please submit Appendix B.

On receiving your application with the appropriate fee, IQ will appoint a Quality Manager and a Subject Expert to review the submission information contained in the forms. Once reviewed and processed, the Quality Manager will arrange to visit the centre in order to confirm the centre meets all of IQ’s quality accreditation and approval requirements. The approval is then validated by IQ’s Quality and Compliance Manager, before final approval is issued.

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