Becoming a member

To become a member, organisations are then required to complete:

  • The centre approval form and
  • Relevant sections of the qualification approval form.
    If you would like to offer a nationally accredited qualification, please submit Appendix A.
    If you would like to develop a customised qualification on our framework, please submit Appendix B
  • The QfI Deed of Adherence
    More information about governance, structure and the limited liability partnership agreement is available on request or through the protected area.

Representative members who want to initiate assessment hubs will also have to fill in the IQ Hub Centre (Satellite) Agreement Guide.

On receiving your application with the appropriate fee, IQ will appoint a Quality Manager and a Subject Expert to review the submission information contained in the forms. Details of the applicant member are also circulated to members, with members given a seven day period for comment. Once reviewed and processed, the Quality Manager will arrange to visit the centre in order to confirm the centre meets all of IQ’s quality accreditation and approval requirements. In addition to ensuring that IQ quality requirements are met, the external verifier will confirm that the QfI membership pack has been read and understood.

The approval is then validated by IQ’s Quality and Compliance Manager, before final approval is issued.

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