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CQs allow education and training providers to work with IQ to design customised qualifications that are fit for purpose and quality assured. CQs can support progression in employment, training, lifelong learning and the particular requirements of your market or learners. All customised qualifications must meet the development criteria, as published in the IQ  HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/centre-portal/approvals/iq-qualification-approval" Customised Qualification Development Guide, which can be downloaded from the website in the  HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/qualifications/developing-a-qualification-with-us" dedicated page for customised qualifications under more information. Before you start - To develop your CQ, you are advised to discuss your education / training development needs with your IQ Business Development Manager who will be pleased to work with you, guide you through the process and explain the fees we charge for customised qualification development. Business Case - Once you have submitted this completed form along with any relevant attachment(s), IQ will carry out an initial review, ask for additional information if necessary, the application will then be submitted to the approval panel who will either: Approve in principle and request completion of the  HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/centre-portal/approvals/iq-customised-qualification-development-form/view" Customised Qualification Development Form (CQDF) Ask for additional information Recommend a non-customised qualification or alternative product route Or in some circumstances, decline the proposal Upon receipt, the completed Customised Qualification Development Form will be re-submitted to and reviewed by, the approval panel until a final outcome is reached. For further information please contact IQ on  HYPERLINK "mailto:info@industryqualifications.org.uk" info@industryqualifications.org.uk Before completing this form we recommend that you: Read the IQ  HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/centre-portal/approvals/iq-qualification-approval" Customised Qualification Development Guide available on our  HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/qualifications/developing-a-qualification-with-us" dedicated page for customised qualifications under more information. Contact and discuss this development with your IQ Business Development Manager Read the  HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/centre-portal/approvals/CQF%20Factsheet" CQF Fact sheet and fees Please complete all sections IQ contact you have discussed this proposal with: Name: Section 1: Centre Information Centre Name:Centre Number:Applicant Name:Position:E Mail:Tel No: Section 2: Qualification Information If this is a replacement for an expiring CQ, please state the original qualification numberOProposed Qualification Title:Level:Qualification Size: (enter X in one box or leave blank if unknown - Award 1/129hrs: Certificate 130/369hrs: Diploma 370plus hrs)AwardCertificateDiplomaQualification Description: (Include here the aims of the qualification, its target audience (industry professions etc), benefit to learners, if directly based on NOS or other standards) Sector (please insert one sector from the HYPERLINK "http://www.industryqualifications.org.uk/centre-portal/approvals/iq-qualification-approval/"CQDG):Grading: (please select)PassFailAreas that the qualification is to be offered:UK onlyInternational only Section 3: Unit Structure (add rows as necessary) Unit Size (GLH - face to face contact hours)Unit Level (entry, 1-7)Unit TitleUnit Description and SummaryPlease selectMandatoryOptional Section 4: Industry Demand and Support Qualification duplication: As a responsible Awarding Organisation we need to ensure that we are not contributing towards duplicating qualifications. Please let us know if your customised qualification is in a similar area to qualifications that are currently available and how your customised qualification is different. Market need: Please outline the research and consultation you have carried out to prove a market need for your customised qualification (i.e. why does the market need you to develop this customised qualification). Please attach any supporting evidence/information. Sector support/Letters of support Please let us know who in the sector supports the development of your customised qualification. To which bodies in the sector (eg key employers, key clients, trade associations, professional bodies, sector skills councils etc) have you presented the customised qualification and do they support your application (i.e. do they agree with the content and level of the qualification). Please attach supporting evidence/information - this can include minutes of meetings or emails. Letters of support from relevant parties must be on headed paper and state the aims and purpose of the qualification and the benefit that the qualification will give to candidates, employers, sector etc  Section 5: Target Learner Learner Demand How many new learner registrations do you estimate in the first 3 years of operation? Please be as accurate as possible as over-estimation may affect future approval.Year 1:Year 2:Year 3:Age group What is the minimum age requirement for the qualification(s): 16+, 18+, 21+, 25+ (please select)16+18+21+25+Target Learner Who are the target learners for your customised qualification (e.g. age range, previous qualifications/experience)  Section 6: Delivery and Links Delivery Please describe in detail how you propose to deliver this customised qualification (e.g. classroom, workshop, work-based delivery, on-line or distance learning etc.) Assessment Please describe in detail how you propose to assess this customised qualification (e.g. work-based assessment, portfolio, assignment, observation of performance, multiple choice tests etc.). Links to other qualifications/standards/NOS Please outline any links or mapping between your customised qualification and any British Standards/National Occupational Standards, progression to or from existing IQ or other qualifications  Section 7: Declaration by Head of Organisation IQ reserves the right at any point in the development process to suspend or cease the development of any customised qualification should any issues related to quality, safety, ethics, copyright or legality come to our attention. At this point, IQ reserves the right to perform an investigation into the issue, and a proportion of any subsequent fees will be retained to compensate IQ for the work already undertaken and/or any consequential costs required to investigate. Your business case will be reviewed by the approval panel and you will be advised of the outcome by your IQ Business Development Manager. If your organisation is not yet an approved centre you will also need to complete an IQ centre approval form at this time. I, the undersigned affirm that: The information provided above regarding the proposed customised qualification, is provided in good faith and is correct at the time of submission The application is fully supported by market research and the estimate of learner registrations is realistic The proposed customised qualification and units are the centres own work (i.e. they are not plagiarised), and the centre has the right to use themName:Position:E Mail:Tel No:Signature:Date: Please email this form together with any supporting documents to your IQ Business Development Manager or IQ at  HYPERLINK "mailto:info@industryqualifications.org.uk" info@industryqualifications.org.uk     QMS: IQ CQF Business Case Proposal Number: PAGE  Page  PAGE 6 of  NUMPAGES 6 IQA/0.3/006 | Version 7.0 | 26/07/2017 | Author DM   ;<=BDu      # > p x 𬚈p_p_p_p_p_p_p_p_p_p_p_p_p h5-h%CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hVCJ^JaJnH tH  hAh%#hAhp5CJ^JaJnH tH #hAh]5CJ^JaJnH tH #hAhFJ5CJ^JaJnH tH hCJOJQJaJnH tH hmH nH sH tH "jhUmHnHsH tH uhh5CJ^JaJnH tH %    ;<$If *$Ifgd*$Ifgd$a$gdFJ<=>?@ABu   {ssss$a$gd.ugdyC$a$gdFJ$a$gdgdikdm$$IfTlq t0cNcN6cNcN44 laytT    ' x { |       ͼ͚ͫtcWCc&j$nh5-hC HCJU\aJh5-hC HCJ\aJ jh5-hC HCJU\aJ)h5-hTB*CJ^JaJnH phtH  h5-hCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hv18CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-h]CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hTCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-h~KlCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hVCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-h%CJ^JaJnH tH    P Q "˱˔l[I8[ h5-hHCJ^JaJnH tH #h5-h%5CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-h%CJ^JaJnH tH )h5-h7eB*CJ^JaJnH phtH $h5-hT0JCJ^JaJnH tH 8jcoh5-hTB*CJU^JaJnH phtH 2jh5-hTB*CJU^JaJnH phtH )h5-hTB*CJ^JaJnH phtH  jh5-hC HCJU\aJh5-hC H0JCJ\aJ *+.5{OPuGHIhi $ & Fa$gds$a$gdsgdyCgd ' $a$gdH $ & Fa$gdAH$a$gd.u"')TUl|'()*+9;IjͼͫͫwfUDD h5-h CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hq'CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hHCJ^JaJnH tH #h5-hH5CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-h,pCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hpCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hdCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-h%CJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hTCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hj]CJ^JaJnH tH &-/6ab 46O]^lmuz|}~ȽȽyqyfq[yPPh5-hTCJaJh5-hsCJaJhshsCJaJhsCJaJh5-hdCJaJh5-hH0JCJaJ#jph5-hHCJUaJjh5-hHCJUaJh5-hHCJaJh5-h CJaJh5-hAHCJaJh5-h nGCJaJ h5-hAHCJ^JaJnH tH  h5-hdCJ^JaJnH tH OPpwy}~ ͸͉͉ͣvkYG;hAh U2CJ\aJ#hsh}5CJ^JaJnH tH #hsh U25CJ^JaJnH tH hAhHeCJaJ$h5-hHe0JCJ^JaJnH tH 2jh5-hHeB*CJU^JaJnH phtH )h5-h5B*CJ^JaJnH phtH )h5-hj]B*CJ^JaJnH phtH )h5-hHeB*CJ^JaJnH phtH h5-hHCJaJhsCJaJh5-hAHCJaJ+,-YZtu,-.EFG򾭾wfXLhAh U25CJaJh5h U20JCJ\aJ jth U2CJU\aJhsh U2CJaJhAHCJ\aJhAh U20JCJ\aJ&jPshAh U2CJU\aJ jhAh U2CJU\aJhAh U2CJ\aJhC Hh U20JCJ\aJ jrh U2CJU\aJh U2CJ\aJjh U2CJU\aJGHIJfghisumh\\Ph)h_85CJaJh)hs5CJaJ h_85hAh_85hAh U25CJaJh U25CJaJhAh U2CJaJh)h U25CJaJhAh U25 h U25he!5CJaJhd5CJaJhAh25CJaJhAh_85CJ\aJh!E5CJ\aJhAh ' 5CJ\aJhAh VCJ\aJiw $Ifgd_8 $IfgdyCgdyCckdu$$IfTl06o  _74 lap yt[T $Ifgd[gd U2 6-$- $Ifgd_8 $IfgdyCkdFv$$IfTl42\ j&6t  0_74 laf4pyt U2T78ȼwkw`UJhsh^;CJaJhshCJaJhAhsCJaJhsh^;5CJaJhsh5CJaJhshq5CJaJhAh)'NCJ\aJhAh)'NCJaJhsCJaJh)h)'N5CJ\aJh)h)'N5CJaJ h)'N5hAh)'N5h!Eh)'N5h)h_85CJaJh)hgt5CJaJhAh_8CJaJ-$ $Ifgd_8kdIw$$IfTl42\ j&6t  0_74 laf4pyt U2T $IfgdyC-(gd)'NkdLx$$IfTl4-\ j&6t  0_74 laf4pyt U2T $IfgdyC8ZQQE $$Ifa$gd!r $IfgdyCkdOy$$IfTl0-6 .V  t 0_744 lapyt)T $Ifgdj%gd)'N#kd z$$IfTl\ a0B46 &  t0_744 lap(yt)T $IfgdyC )*EFcd$%+,ǿҎui]QE:h U2hCJaJh U2h5CJaJhAh!rCJ\aJh)he!CJ\aJhAh)'NCJ\aJh)h!rCJaJhv h)'N5CJ\aJhAh2CJaJh)h)'NCJaJhCJaJhAh)'NCJaJh)CJaJhsCJaJhsh)'NCJaJhAh)'NCJaJhAh)'N5CJaJhAhj%CJ\aJhAhCJaJFLMYZbcd $Ifgde!Ff| $Ifgdj% $$Ifa$gd!r $Ifgd  !"#$wwwww $Ifgdj%~kd~$$IfTl6_7  t 0_744 lap yt)T$% $Ifgdj%skd$$IfTl6_7 t0_744 lap yt U2T,OP!467}ocZOCO> h!E5hAhqCJ\aJhAhqCJaJhqCJ\aJhAhq5CJaJhAhq5CJ\aJh)h)CJaJh)CJaJhsh)CJaJhAh)CJaJhAh)5CJaJhAhCJ\aJh U2hCJaJ#jhsh5-CJUaJhsh5-CJaJjhshCJUaJhshCJaJh_VMMM $Ifgdj% $Ifgd) $Ifgd U2kdZ$$IfTl061 .  t 0_744 lapyt)Tkd$$IfTlr/)a06q j 2  t(0_744 lap2yt~T !45 $Ifgdq56kd>$$IfTlr/)a06q j 2  t(0_744 lap2yt)T6789:;m $IfgdZJ $IfgdyC $$Ifa$gd4 ggdyC 7;Klmw~)*EFa÷ٮ٥ٌٚxcxWKhAhAEx5CJaJhAhAEx;CJaJ(jhAhAExCJUaJmHnHuhAhAEx5hAh -;CJaJhAh4 g5@CJaJhAh4 gCJaJh U25CJaJh4 g5CJaJh5-h4 g5CJaJh!h4 gCJaJhZJh4 gCJaJhAh4 g5CJaJ h5hAh ' 5hAhgt5 hZJ5kdf$$IfTl4rUd.6```#`R 20_74 lap2ytZJTFf8 $IfgdyC $$Ifa$gd4 g   8,, $$Ifa$gd4 gkdT$$IfTlEֈUd. 36#p0_74 laytZJT     $$Ifa$gd4 g $IfgdyC8,, $$Ifa$gd4 gkd!$$IfTlgֈUd. 36#p0_74 laytZJT $$Ifa$gd4 g $IfgdyC8,, $$Ifa$gd4 gkd$$IfTlgֈUd. 36#p0_74 laytZJT $$Ifa$gd4 g $IfgdyCF833* $IfgdAExgdyCkd$$IfTlgֈUd. 36#p0_74 laytZJTa>@+,|ghnowxzݬvogbg he!5hAh:5 hAh!Ehv hAEx5CJaJhAhv CJaJhv CJaJhAhCa{CJaJhAhv 5CJaJhv 5CJaJhAhCa{;CJaJ%hAhAExCJaJfHq h -5CJaJhAhAEx5CJaJhAhAEx;CJaJhAhAExCJaJ#xxxx $IfgdyC~kd$$IfTl6g%  t 0_7644 lap yte!T $IfgdyCukd%$$IfTl6g% t0_7644 lap yte!Txxxx $IfgdyC~kd$$IfTl6g%  t 0_7644 lap yte!Th $Ifgdv ukdM$$IfTl6g% t0_7644 lap yte!Thijklmxxxx $IfgdyC~kd؎$$IfTl6g%  t 0_7644 lap yte!Tmno@ v $Ifgde! $IfgdAExukdu$$IfTl6g% t0_7644 lap yte!Tz{? 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