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BBC Investigation into Security Centre Malpractice

On 23rd March 2015 the BBC published allegations of malpractice at an IQ accredited centre. We continue to investigate and have collated several pieces of information below regarding the investigation.

Update: 15/05/15 - IQ have announced new policies and procedures aimed at detecting fraud of the nature seen at Ashely Commerce College. 

Update: 24/04/15 - click here for details of our initial investigation into Malpractice at Ashley Commerce College.

Following news of the allegations IQ has investigated the centre we have been able to identify and will continue to review the situation as it develops.

IQ Chief Executive Raymond Clarke has published a white paper looking at ways we can reduce malpractice in the industry. You can access it here.

In conjunction with the white paper we have produced the following video:


If you are a current or previous learner and you are concerned you may have been affected please click this link (Updated)



IQ will continue to keep this page updated as more details emerge. If you have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact us

Update: 27/03

IQ is aware of recent comment suggesting our involvement in the reported malpractice at Ashley Commerce College (ACC). Much of the information being circulated is factually incorrect.

Industry Qualifications operates a mutual model, designed to share profits with customers. Industry Qualifications Ltd is the Awarding Organisation, and is regulated by Ofqual. The vehicle for mutuality is IQ Qualifications LLP.

Members of IQ LLP are approved centres and share profits generated by Industry Qualifications. Our approach is that other than a fixed return to shareholders in Industry Qualifications, and the resources required to run the business, our surpluses are returned to members. This is described on the website and is an important part of our approach. The model has been discussed with regulatory bodies, who are fully aware of its existence and operation.

Becoming a member of IQ Qualifications LLP means that members also agree that should malpractice be identified or they be responsible for damaging the IQ brand, IQ can make a claim against the organisation for damages. We are the only awarding organisation in the UK with this provision.

With regard to ACC, they are not and have not been involved in anything to do with the management, or policy development of Industry Qualifications or indeed IQ Qualifications LLP. 

Industry Qualifications is currently in ACC collecting evidence and will take all appropriate action at the appropriate time.