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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact us.


How do I become an IQ centre?

You can request an application form either directly to IQ on 01952 457452 or after discussions with your IQ Business Development Executive. The application forms can be found in the approvals section.

How long does centre approval take?

All centre approvals will be actioned and decisions made within 21 days on receipt of completed application forms.. The Centre approval visit will be booked at a mutually convenient time within 15 days of recent of the completed application form.

What happens when I have been approved as a centre?

Once a centre is approved they will receive and email with an approval letter giving full details of their approval including a list of all the qualifications their centre is approved for.

This email will be followed by their administrator’s login details for IQR as well as reports which include all their centre details and a list of all the trainers and the qualifications they are approved for. Once IQ has received the centre’s company’s logo a centre approval certificate will be sent to the administrator.

How do I apply to deliver new qualifications?

Each time a centre requires a new Qualification to add to their portfolio the Qualification approval form needs to be completed and sent to

I have new assessors / verifiers in my centre, do I need to notify IQ?

Yes. We will add any new assessors or internal verifiers to your centre record. Please complete and return the appropriate qualification approval form. Copies of all the relevant assessors training certificates, CPD and CV should be sent to along with the completed approval form.


How long does it take to get my results?

IQ will email centres with their candidate’s results within 4 working days of receipt of correctly completed assessment documentation.

How long does it take to get my certificates?

IQ will despatch certificates to centres for successful certificate claims on the IQR 2 days after the claims has been submitted. Centres are given a 24 hour cooling period to check details are correct before certificates are printed.

How do I get a replacement for a lost certificate?

Centres can complete the certificate replacement form to request a replacement certificate.

I have a query about an invoice. Who do I contact?

All invoice queries can be directed to


Where can I find the specification and resources for my qualifications?

All materials associated with qualifications are located in the qualifications database.

What is the purpose of an achievement record?

The achievement record documents all the evidence or references where the evidence can be found for the candidate’s assessment which is needed to qualify for the qualification. An achievement record is usually required to be completed if the qualification or unit is not measured by exams such as multiple choice of short answer.

Letters of Support

Why does IQ need letters of support?

In order to gain approval to develop qualifications from the regulators, such as Ofqual or SQA, we have to give evidence of centre support. This takes the form of letters from our centres, expressing their desire to use the proposed qualification for the benefit of their learners.

How do I give a letter of support?

The letter must be on company headed paper and include your reason for supporting the qualification, alongside proposed (approximate) registration numbers in year 1 and 2. The easiest way to provide a letter is to download our template document here.

How do I know which qualifications need support?

All of our qualifications that are in development need letters of support. Whilst we don't publish the full list of qualifications in development, you can check the list of upcoming qualifications or keep up to date with each edition of development spotlight through our monthly newsletter.

All letters of support are very gratefully received.

IQR Portal

How do I book an exam?

With Registrations
You can book an exam by first registering a candidate and then assigning the candidate the relevant assessments required on the Assessment Booking tab.

Without Registrations
You can also book an exam without registering candidate names. This method is useful if you do not know the candidates names before attending the training. All candidates will have to be registered after the course and before the course documentation is sent to IQ for processing.  This method cannot be used for resit candidates.

For more information on how to book your exam, please see the IQR Quick Start Guide or the IQR Manual.

I lost my password. What should I do?

Follow this link to request a password reset email. You will need to know the email address you registered with or your IQ Pin ID. It will send an email to your registered email address with us with a link to reset your account's password.

Assessments@IQ (Online Assessments Portal)

I cannot log in to my account. What is my User ID and Password and how do I get access to the assessments portal?


Your IQ Registration number is your User ID, and your password is provided to the centre on a label attachment for each online assessment you take. You should access your account prior to your assessment date to familiarise yourself with the assessment portal.

There is a separate Test ID and Test Password for each online assessment that will only be provided to you by your centre at the start of your assessment.

Students should get their login and passwords from their centre.


Centres do not have a login for Assessments@IQ.

Test IDs and Test Passwords should not be provided until the start of the assessment.

Candidate login details (on pdf attachment on the assessment confirmation email) should be provided prior to the assessment.

How do I change my colour scheme on the Assessments@IQ portal?

Go to My Workspace (top bar) > Preferences (left bar)

Select the colour scheme and size you would like, and click Update Preferences.

You have to refresh your screen to see the changes.

My ICT Level 1 / Level 2 assessment finished before I could upload all my files. What do I need to do?

You should save all files and provide these files to your invigilator. Your invigilator should send these files to, noting the booking reference number and your paper ID.

I booked my Entry ICT assessment but I need to delay the assessment. How long is the ICT Entry assessment valid?

Entry ICT assessments are valid for 6 months from the assessment date reported to us during assessment booking.

IAM Series Results

Why can’t I get my results?

During our moderation process, IQ identified something in your centre’s results that required further investigation. This could have been a number of things; from poor marking to potential malpractice. In most cases, the issue relates to problems with marking which we hope to resolve quickly.

When will my results be available?

Please contact your centre for the most up to date estimate as this will vary from centre to centre.

I did not do anything wrong so why can’t I have my results?

Because we have identified problems with your centre’s assessment / marking and we need to investigate all of their students work more thoroughly. This may mean that your work will need to be resubmitted once we have resolved the matter with your centre.

I have concerns about my centre that I would like to share with IQ. How can I do this?

Email to share your concerns in confidence. You can access our whistleblowing policy here:

What if my centre doesn’t co-operate with your investigation or doesn’t meet your standards; what will happen to me?

IQ will be able to transfer you to another approved centre should that be the case or allow you to continue as an independent candidate but we are hopeful that we can avoid this through working with centres to rectify any problems.