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IQ Price Guide

IQ Price Guide for Services & Products

July 2015 | Download a pdf version here

(All prices exclude VAT)

Centre Approval (includes an EV visit)


External Verification visit


Annual external verification visit per sector group


Additional visits if required


Quality assurance investigations (daily rate)


Quality assurance learner interviews (hourly rate, minimum charge of 1 hour)


IQ Membership (per annum)


Duplicate certificates


(NB £20 for IQ members)

Late Payment Fees

After 45 days


After 60 days

Additional 5% interest per month overdue


Payments that are over 90 days late may be passed to a debt collection agency which will levy an additional fee of 17.5% + VAT on the outstanding amount.

Centre Approval

Centre Approval is charged at £400, payable on application. Centres applying for approval to offer qualifications that require external verification (an EV visit), such as those assessed by portfolio, require an EV visit. This is included within the centre approval fee.

Quality assurance investigation visits and learner interviews

These fees are always agreed before the work commences and are charged where there are doubts about the assessment evidence or process. We reserve the right to charge the daily investigation rate to centres where as the result of an unannounced visit, we find significant areas of concern with maladministration or malpractice.

Qualification Suites

We will work with you to assess individual requirements, and where possible, group approval visits efficiently. If any additional approval visits are required during centre approval, IQ will inform you in advance.  Where additional qualifications are added to an existing centre, no charge will be made unless an additional external verification visit is required.

International Centres

For international approval and delivery costs please contact IQ.

Customised Qualification Framework (CQF)

Rates will be agreed with the centre prior to the commencement of development. CQF qualifications are valid for 3 years but are reviewed annually for take up and may be retired if no registrations are recorded. For more information please contact IQ.

Enquiries about Results and Appeals

Enquiry about Results




Malpractice decision appeals


Enquiry about results (EAR) is a formal process which will cover a clerical check and a review of the marks awarded for assessments. If you are not satisfied with the result of an EAR, you can progress to submit a formal appeal. The malpractice decision appeal fee applies where you are applying to overturn a result that has been voided due to malpractice. Fees under this category are refunded if the enquiry / appeal is successful and results in an improvement to the result grade. For more information please see the Enquiries about Results and Appeals Policy documents in the Centre Guidance Portal under General Guidance.

Feedback reports

Centre moderation report – IAM

summary report issued free of charge for every series

Feedback report – IAM (per learner per assessment)


Feedback report – Functional Skills (per learner per assessment)


Registration Withdrawals

Learners are considered registered with IQ when the centre has assigned a named candidate a particular IQ candidate number. Learners who have been registered can be withdrawn from qualifications at any time.

Learners that are withdrawn within 14 days of first registration will be refunded in full provided no externally marked assessments have been undertaken.

Learners withdrawn after the 14 days grace period have elapsed will be subject to a 35% processing fee.

Assessment Booking Cancellation

Assessment bookings cancelled up to the day before the assessment will be refunded in full.

Assessment bookings cancelled after the assessment date will incur a processing fee of 35% per assessment.

Apprenticeship Fees

Where a centre registers a learner for the complete apprenticeship group at the same time, we offer a discounted registration price. For more information please see:

Qualifications Pricing Policy

Our pricing structure aims to be simple, fair and transparent. Where qualifications have additional process or development complexities, we may decide to price qualifications differently to this structure. For the full list of applicable qualification prices, please see our qualification fees list at: