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IQ Customised Qualifications

Customised qualifications are bespoke non-regulated qualifications that are prepared exclusively with and for the proposing centre. No other centre will be allowed to use a customised qualification without prior approval from the lead centre. When accrediting a customised qualification we will formalise the syllabus of learning outcomes, assessment criteria and assessments. Once approved, learners are quality assured in the same way as any qualification delivered by IQ.

Approval Process for Customised Qualifications

Pre development

  • Centre completes business case form and submits to IQ
  • Business case approved or declined in principle by approval panel
  • Centre completes and submits to IQ Customised Qualification Development Form including assessment strategy
  • Development of qualification approved or declined by approval panel
  • Centre are quoted and invoiced for the development
  • Once invoice has been paid development is scheduled


The development process will involve IQ providing development experience and the centre providing subject knowledge and would have the following stages

  • Qualification developer contacts centre to establish parameters and timelines
  • Unit development
  • Syllabus development
  • Total Qualification Time (TQT) / Guided Learning Hours (GLH) and level analysis completed
  • Assessment documentation / development
  • Syllabus and Assessment sign off
  • Qualification goes live


Centre Approval & External Verification

New centres will be subject to centre approval at cost. We conduct centre re-approval annually, but may visit more frequently should quality concerns arise. Customised qualifications approved above Level 5 may also be subject to the IQ Academic Panel requirements.  

Further information on becoming an approved centre can be found here and for prices click here

Validity Period & Annual Maintenance Review

Customised qualifications are valid for 3 years but are reviewed annually and may be retired if no registrations are recorded within a year.  

An annual maintenance review fee is charged at the anniversary of qualification approval which contributes to the work undertaken by IQ on an annual basis to fulfil its responsibilities to maintain the qualification. If major changes are required at this point, these will be quoted in accordance with our fees for additional work.

Development Costs

The approval cost is dependent upon the size and level of the qualification. The fee for a qualification is made up of: the base approval fee plus any additional work required for the development of larger or more specialised qualifications.

The approval and development cost will depend on a wide number of variables, such as:

  • the level of the qualification
  • the subject matter, and whether you are providing subject expert(s)
  • the size of the qualification and the number of units within the qualification
  • the assessment methodology, the number of assessments required, and the manner in which it is quality assured
  • whether we are involved in any development activity

The approval fee assumes that the qualification will be submitted in the appropriate template according to the IQ Customised Qualifications Development Guide for Centres.


Please refer to the CQF Factsheet & Fees for our current price structure.


We aim to provide a fair quote that reflects the level of work required by our team to support the development of your qualification. Our quotes will comprise of an initial development fee, as well as an annual maintenance fee, valid for 60 days. Fees quoted also exclude travel expenses and other disbursements, which we will identify where required.

We do not charge the approval fee again in full if the submitted qualification has not met the requirement and is sent back to the centre for rework. However, we may quote additional costs arising out of approval on an hourly rate should significant work is required.

Approval and development costs are normally payable within 30 days of receipt.  Development will not commence until payment is received. 

Qualification Development Time Frames

Once payment is received for the development, we will work with you to agree and support your development timeline, which will take into account resources including any subject matter experts and the quality of the qualification submission made to us.  It can be time consuming for centres to put together a qualification, you should estimate the time it will take you to undertake your required actions.

More information

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