• QCF Qualifications: IQ develops and offers qualifications that are on the national Qualifications and Credit Framework. These are branded as IQ Nationals.
  • CQF Qualifications: We develop and offer qualifications that are placed on the IQ Customised Qualifications Framework. These qualifications are company or industry qualifications that are not developed for the national QCF, perhaps because they attract a small number of candidates or because the organisation concerned wishes to apply its own rules or restrict access to the qualification in some way. These are branded IQ Industry Qualifications or IQ Customised Qualifications.
  • Mapping of in-company programmes for national accreditation: We can work with employers to map internal training to industry standards for the purposes of accreditation. Development of training materials: IQ is developing a publishing arm and is able to create professional quality learning materials for members. These are either owned by members, or the ownership can be shared.
  • Endorsement of materials: IQ endorses member materials, where they are produced to a suitable quality and mapped to the qualification standard.
  • Promotion of products and services: IQ maintain a register of members offering training products and services and provides a public list on its website.
  • Export: IQ provides an environment where member are encouraged to co-operate on export initiatives and work with IQ representative arrangements in countries to which IQ has exposure. The philosophy is about sharing relationships to expand presence and profile for IQ and its members.


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