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Qualifications and Skills Cards for Door and Window Installers Launched in Partnership with MTC Approved Bodies

IQ has teamed up with three certification bodies : BM TRADA, Certass and Network Veka to launch the minimum technical competency (MTC) qualifications and skills card, which allow installers of external windows and doorsets to demonstrate that they meet the strict new government requirements for approved competent person schemes in the sector.

Under the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) requirements, installers and surveyors within competent person schemes for windows and doors must verify their competence against the Fenestration MTCs by 6th June 2014. IQ’s MTC Card will enable each installer/surveyor to demonstrate they meet this requirement.

An MTC-assessed installer will need to be present for each installation, which means that all installation team leaders are likely to require assessment. Similarly anyone who is conducting a survey will also need to be assessed, unless the company can demonstrate that each survey is carried out under the supervision of a competent surveyor.

Companies who choose not to have the competence of their installers/surveyors assessed will not be able to remain in any of the approved competent person schemes on the market. They will instead be required to register each door and window installation through Local Authority Building Control.

To minimise disruption to the installer’s business, IQ’s assessments can be completed alongside the routine site inspections that are required as part of its Competent Person Scheme. Installers / surveyors who have a current NVQ may also be able to obtain an MTC card without undertaking a full MTC assessment provided the skills requirements and NVQ certificate can be verified.

The certification body will assess the installer / surveyor’s knowledge and competence through a written test and observation of the installer / surveyor as they carry out their work, asking additional questions to verify scenarios that cannot be observed during the assessment. Each MTC card is valid for a period of three years, at the end of which re-assessment will be required.

As well as providing a verified proof of skills and competencies, IQ’s MTC Skills Card is linked to an online skills profile that enables people on the scheme to advertise their skills and competencies, provide links to previous experience and contact details, should they so wish.

Interested applicants can access the IQ’s MTC Scheme through BM Trada, Certass or Network Veka.

Feb 14, 2014 03:52 PM
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