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IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration (QCF) (CERT. ONLY)


Qualification Number 600/3538/9
Title IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration (QCF) (CERT. ONLY)
Category National
Sector General Skills | Business & Administration
Operational Start Date 01/11/2011
Operational End Date 30/08/2014
Total Units 74 Min Credit 21
Min Guided Learning Hours 86 Max Guided Learning Hours 154
Min Age From 14 Min Age To 100

Registration Fee : £50.00

This is the administrative fee that IQ charges centres to register a learner on this qualification, and NOT a training fee. All fees include registration, certification and postage (international delivery rates may apply).


This specification is intended for trainers, centres and learners. General information regarding centre approval, registration, assessment papers, certification, reasonable adjustments, special consideration and appeals procedures are available from the website. This document should be read in conjunction with the IQ QMS Centre guide available from the website.

Qualification Purpose

About this Qualification

Important Update: This qualification was withdrawn on the 31/08/2014 and replaced with the new combined qualification IQ IAM Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration (QCF) from 01/09/2014.

  • the last date for registrations was the 31/08/2014
  • the last date for certifications will be 31/08/2016
  • if your centre is already approved to offer this qualification you will automatically be approved to offer the new combined qualification


Detail of the new qualification can be found here.

The IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration (QCF) is a qualification aimed at individuals who work in an administrative role within a business environment. It provides recognition for the learner’s knowledge and ability to carry out a range of administrative tasks. There is considerable scope for the learner to choose those optional units most appropriate to them, while the vital components of an administrative role in business are covered by the mandatory units. This qualification is suitable for learners in a variety of organisations

Take this Qualification

If you are interested in taking this qualification and would like to find your nearest IQ centre, please give us a call on 01952 457 452 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


To achieve the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration (QCF), the learner must achieve a minimum of 21 credits, of which 14 credits must be selected from level 2 units. 9 credits must be completed from the Mandatory Group, 7 credits from Optional Group A and 5 credits from Optional Group B.

A number of optional units within this qualification are barred. Barred units exist to allow learners greater choice in how to meet the required number of credits to achieve a qualification. However, because barred units feature a significant overlap of content, learners are not allowed to take more than one unit of a barred set. The following table displays all of the optional barred units that can be taken with this qualification; only one unit from each pair/set can count towards the learner’s achieved credits.

Unit Numbers

Barred Against

Prepare text from notes A/601/2483

Prepare text from notes using touch typing (40 wpm) F/601/2484

Prepare text from notes using touch typing (60 wpm) T/601/2532

Produce documents in a business environment T/601/2482

Design and produce documents in a business environment M/601/2531

Prepare text from shorthand (60 wpm) J/601/2485

Prepare text from shorthand (80 wpm) A/601/2533

Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (40 wpm) L/601/2486

Prepare text from recorded audio instruction (60 wpm) F/601/2534

Support the organisation of an event L/601/2505

Plan and organise an event R/601/2540

Support the co-ordination of an event D/601/2508

Co-ordinate an event Y/601/2541

Support the organisation of meetings T/601/2515

Plan and organise meetings D/601/2542

Provide reception services K/601/2480

Meet and welcome visitors Y/601/2457

Bespoke software A/502/4395

Bespoke software F/502/4396

Data management software F/502/4558

Data management software F/502/4559

Database software H/502/4553

Database software M/502/4555

Improving productivity using IT T/502/4153

Improving productivity using IT J/502/4156

IT security for users R/502/4256

IT security for users Y/502/4257

Presentation software K/502/4621

Presentation software M/502/4622

Set up an IT system Y/502/4209

Set up an IT system L/502/4210

Spreadsheet software A/502/4624

Spreadsheet software F/502/4625

Using collaborative technologies A/502/4378

Using collaborative technologies F/502/4379

Website software L/502/4630

Website software R/502/4631

Word processing software L/502/4627

Word processing software R/502/4628

IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration (QCF) (CERT. ONLY)
Mandatory GroupMinimum Units:4
 Minimum Credits:9
 D/601/2475Communicate in a business environment2318
 L/601/2469Improve own performance in a business environment226
 F/601/2467Manage own performance in a business environment229
 F/601/2470Work in a business environment2218
General Units Group AMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 T/601/2790Administer human resources records2320
 J/601/2647Administer parking dispensations2414
 A/601/2791Administer the recruitment and selection process2430
 J/601/2552Agree a budget3425
 Y/601/2538Analyse and report data3630
 Y/601/2491Archive information2213
 A/601/2547Contribute to innovation in a business environment3430
 J/601/2549Contribute to running a project3530
 T/601/2529Deliver a presentation3315
 F/601/2551Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to external customers3312
 A/601/2550Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers3312
 M/601/2528Develop a presentation3315
 T/601/2479Handle mail2317
 M/601/2495Maintain and issue stationery stock items2314
 K/601/2446Make and receive telephone calls1310
 R/601/2537Monitor information systems3730
 D/601/2539Order products and services3535
 R/601/2487Organise and report data2312
 Y/601/2488Research information2417
 F/601/2517Respond to change in a business environment2316
 L/601/2472Solve business problems2412
 R/601/2490Store and retrieve information2317
 L/601/2536Support the design and development of an information system3735
 J/601/2518Support the management and development of an information system2740
 Y/601/2510Support the organisation of business travel or accommodation2318
 M/601/2478Take minutes2415
 K/601/2477Use a diary system239
 H/601/2476Use electronic message systems216
 H/601/2493Use office equipment2418
 Y/601/2474Work with other people in a business environment2310
Barred Unit Group A1Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 M/601/2531Design and produce documents in a business environment3425
 T/601/2482Produce documents in a business environment2415
Barred Unit Group A2Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 A/601/2483Prepare text from notes2315
 F/601/2484Prepare text from notes using touch typing _40 wpm_2315
 T/601/2532Prepare text from notes using touch typing _60 wpm_3410
Barred Unit Group A3Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 J/601/2485Prepare text from shorthand _60 wpm_2855
 A/601/2533Prepare text from shorthand _80 wpm_3845
Barred Unit Group A4Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 L/601/2486Prepare text from recorded audio instruction _40 wpm_2435
 F/601/2534Prepare text from recorded audio instruction _60 wpm_3425
Barred Unit Group A5Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 R/601/2540Plan and organise an event3428
 L/601/2505Support the organisation of an event2215
Barred Unit Group A6Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 Y/601/2541Co-ordinate an event3430
 D/601/2508Support the co-ordination of an event2320
Barred Unit Group A7Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 D/601/2542Plan and organise meetings3525
 T/601/2515Support the organisation of meetings2418
Barred Unit Group A8Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 Y/601/2457Meet and welcome visitors2323
 K/601/2480Provide reception services2315
Barred Units Group B9Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 L/502/4210Set Up an IT System2430
 Y/502/4209Set Up an IT System1320
Barred Units Group B10Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 A/502/4378Using Collaborative Technologies1320
 F/502/4379Using Collaborative Technologies2430
Barred Units Group B11Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 R/502/4628Word Processing Software2430
 L/502/4627Word processing software1320
General Units Group BMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 T/601/2465Use occupational health and safety guidelines when using keyboards1220
Barred Units Group B1Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 A/502/4395Bespoke Software1215
 F/502/4396Bespoke Software2320
Barred Units Group B2Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 L/502/4630Website Software1320
 R/502/4631Website Software2430
Barred Units Group B3Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 F/502/4558Data Management Software1215
 J/502/4559Data Management Software2320
Barred Units Group B4Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 H/502/4553Database Software1320
 M/502/4555Database software2430
Barred Units Group B5Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 J/502/4156Improving Productivity Using IT2430
 T/502/4153Improving Productivity Using IT1320
Barred Units Group B6Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 A/502/4624Spreadsheet Software1320
 F/502/4625Spreadsheet Software2430
Barred Units Group B7Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 R/502/4256IT Security for Users1110
 Y/502/4257IT Security for Users2215
Barred Units Group B8Minimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 M/502/4622Presentation Software2430
 K/502/4621Presentation software1320


Assessment for this qualification is portfolio based. It must also be in accordance with the relevant assessment strategy located at the end of this document in Appendix A (CfA Assessment Strategy 2009 Business & Administration Standards) and B (ITQ Assessment Strategy England, Wales and Northern Ireland March 2009). Specific assessment guidance for each unit is in the relevant unit’s “Assessment guidance and delivery” section.

A Qualification Achievement Record for this qualification which includes the forms necessary to map and claim competence is available to download from the IQ website.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 1 or above and be proficient in the use of the English Language.

Tutor Requirements

All trainers/assessors and internal verifiers delivering this qualification must meet the requirements as per the assessment strategies relevant to each unit. Further guidance can be found in section 5 of Appendix A (Assessment Strategy Management & Leadership Standards August 2011) and section A of Appendix B (ITQ Assessment Strategy England, Wales and Northern Ireland March 2009, Appendix B).

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