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Case Study: ETK Delivers Ground-Breaking IQ Accredited African Business Management Qualification

IQ Centre ETK Group has enjoyed great success delivering their newly accredited programme in African Business Management to learners. We asked ETK to tell us more about the training and what’s involved…
Case Study: ETK Delivers Ground-Breaking IQ Accredited African Business Management Qualification

Delivering the ABM course

The African business environment is so unique that it requires a specific skillset and knowledge-base to operate successfully and the biggest (and arguably most complicated) of these markets is Nigeria. Through the IQ Level 6 accreditation, ETK’s ABM qualification has become the first globally recognised business management qualification to come out of Africa - developed by African business managers for African business managers!

Testament to this ground-breaking achievement was the endorsement by some of the top indigenous and multinational companies operating in Nigeria (Chevron, Dangote Group, British American Tobacco, First Bank of Nigeria, Etisalat, Airtel, Bloomberg Africa TV, General Electric, Guinness and many more) who gathered for the official launch of the ABM qualification in Lagos Nigeria on February 20th 2014, hosted by the British Deputy High Commissioner, Mr Peter Carter, at his residence.

Following on from this event, ETK delivered a 3-day bespoke ABM course to 21 members of staff of a media company operating in Nigeria on the request of their CEO, who was also in attendance at the launch.

Although the company is based in Nigeria, the CEO required his staff to be trained to the highest global standards, in order that they could effectively interact with global companies and clients, but also required the course to have an emphasis on how these global standards can be adapted to the local Nigerian environment. The ABM course was perfect for this as there is no Africa-specific training qualification that is adaptable enough to bridge this gap and at the same time meet all the assessment criteria set by the awarding body.

The CEO has since pledged to recommend the ABM to all his contacts that require the highest quality training tailored, not just to their organisational needs, but also to the local environment.

The process of getting our courses accredited initially proved to be difficult, moving from one profession or accreditation body to another and being met with inflexible requirements and a lack of understanding of the unique nature of the content of the ABM. Like ETK, however, IQ has proved to be a trail blazer in its ability to understand the existence of unique training needs and have the adaptability to accredit organisations and courses which meet that need.

The UK education system is still very highly valued around the world and so having an IQ level 6 qualification attached to the ABM has made it that much more desirable, particularly in the emerging markets.

Considering that ETK achieved accreditation for the ABM less than 6 months ago (September 2013), the response to this unique qualification has been phenomenal and it can only get better.

The learners’ responses have been fantastic, with one of the media company employees commenting, “The Training has opened my mind to the exciting opportunities Africa has to offer and to the benefits of a conducive work culture and the importance of communication skills in the workplace.”

Students on the ABM course in Nigeria


Following the successful launch of the ABM qualification in Lagos, ETK has received requests from a number of the companies that attended with further requests, ranging from making the ABM part of their existing internal training programmes to requiring all new recruits from outside Nigeria to have the ABM in order to qualify.



For more information on the ABM qualification, please contact the ETK group by visiting

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