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IQ Welcomes BBC Investigation and Calls on the Corporation to Play a Positive Role in Resulting Investigation

Following tonight's broadcast of Inside Out, IQ has released the following press release:

Industry Qualifications (IQ) has today welcomed the investigation by the BBC into the conduct of training providers in the security industry. The programme, which states that malpractice could be common in the industry, specifically accuses Ashley Commerce College, an approved IQ centre, of fraud.

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ said “We are deeply disappointed that an IQ centre appears to have been involved in malpractice. Despite requesting details of the evidence for some four weeks now from the BBC, which would have enabled IQ to conduct its own enquiry, our first viewing of the evidence was on the BBC programme this evening.

On face value, the evidence would appear to be damming, but we need to move very quickly to confirm the allegations and identify the scale of the problem. IQ has undertaken three external verification visits to Ashley Commerce College in the past twelve months which did not unearth malpractice. We will review our practices in light of the BBC footage and as more details emerge, to determine whether different approaches might have identified the issue at an earlier stage. “

As reported in the programme, IQ has a zero tolerance approach to malpractice and fraud and will work with regulators to report the matter to the police and play a full part in consequent criminal investigations.

Our primary concern at this time is to identify those candidates whose certificates have been obtained through malpractice.  This is important, both to enable us to identify candidates that are working in the industry without possessing the requisite skills and knowledge, as well as ensuring that those legitimately holding qualifications from Ashley College are not disadvantaged”.

Prior to the broadcast, IQ has released a white paper detailing its views of the changes that are required in the industry to reduce the potential for malpractice. It has provided a statement for learners affected and the IQ Chief Executive appears in a YouTube interview discussing the issues, which can be found on the IQ website.

“We trust that the BBC will now play a part in helping the investigation move forward at an appropriate speed. We have requested all of the footage shot at Ashley College to ensure that we obtain the full and complete picture of what has been happening” said Clarke.

IQ expects to make further comment over the coming days and will share the information with regulators, partner awarding organisations and other stakeholders in the sector to help drive improvement. If you have any concerns about the content of the programme, please contact us on 01952 457452.

IQ have a dedicated page devoted to the investigation which we are keeping updated as news develops. You can access it here.

Mar 24, 2015 09:22 AM