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IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Business Events Management (QCF) (CERT. ONLY)


Qualification Number 601/2775/2
Title IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Business Events Management (QCF) (CERT. ONLY)
Category National
Sector Business & Administration
Operational Start Date 24/02/2014
Operational End Date 29/04/2015
Total Units 1 Min Credit 15
Min Guided Learning Hours 50 Max Guided Learning Hours 50
Min Age From 18 Min Age To 100

Qualification Purpose

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About this Qualification

Important Notice: This qualification is expiring on the 30/04/2014, and no new registrations will be allowed after this date. Certification end date is 30/04/2016.

Qualification aim

The IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Business Events Management (QCF) examines the role of facilities management in businesses.  It investigates the responsibilities and skills required to be a successful facilities manager. You will learn how facilities management can support businesses in maintaining their competitive advantage while taking into account considerations related to health, the environment, and ethical business practices.


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The IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Business Events Management (QCF) is a single unit qualification.

Rule of combination (RoC)

To achieve the IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Business Events Management (QCF), candidates must achieve a minimum of 15 credits.  Candidates must complete the mandatory unit, worth 15 credits.

This qualification is not graded and successful learners achieve a pass.

IQ IAM Level 4 Certificate in Business Events Management (QCF) (CERT. ONLY)
Mandatory UnitMinimum Units:1
 Minimum Credits:15
 Y/601/1048Business Events Management41560


Learner Entry Requirements

Candidate entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.  However, it is recommended that candidates should have a level 4 qualification or equivalent work experience in the business administration area.

Language knowledge

A language knowledge equivalent to level 6 ILETS is recommended.  It is the centre’s responsibility to assess if candidates have the required level of English and if they wish, they could require formal certification.

Tutor Requirements

Centre Requirements


Where learners feel that the assessment decision has not been fair, they should have the opportunity to access the normal appeals/complaints procedure of the centre, in the first instance, and if this does not resolve the situation then IQ’s enquiries and appeals procedures.

The IQ appeals policy can be found at:

Independent candidates

Some candidates choose to prepare for these examinations by studying as an independent candidate, with no support from a tuition centre.  Such a learning strategy is not recommended because there is evidence to suggest that the quality of learning is greatly enhanced by tutor and peer group support at this level.

If a candidate still wishes to undertake any of the IQ IAM qualifications as an independent candidate, they will need to complete the appropriate registration forms, which can be requested from:

Important notice for independent candidates

It is important that all candidates are aware that IQ IAM accredited centres are not permitted to provide tutorial or assessment support for independent candidates.  If candidates are aware of any breach of these rules, they should immediately notify

Centre Approval

Centres must be approved by IQ in order to offer this qualification and must meet the required criteria and satisfy IQ that their tutorial staff, learning resources, and quality systems comply with IQ quality standards.

For further information or to find out more about how to apply to become an IQ IAM centre, please contact

Diversity and Equality

Centres must:

  • have Diversity and Equality policies incorporating processes that adhere to current Diversity and Equality legislation
  • are adhering to their own published Diversity and Equality policies in practice
  • comply with the policies and processes set out in IQ’s Diversity and Equality and Reasonable Adjustments Policies
  • IQ’s Diversity and Equality can be downloaded from:

Resource requirements

Centres must have appropriate accommodation and systems to support provision.  This includes the IT system which must enable the centre to transmit assessment and other personal data securely, this includes including teaching rooms, libraries, teaching materials and IT systems.

Registration and certification

It is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that their candidates’ registrations are up-to-date.

Reasonable adjustments

When developing qualifications and designing assessments every effort is made to consider the needs of all candidates, including those with disabilities or specific difficulties.

Despite careful design, it is possible that some candidates require reasonable adjustments to assessment methods or arrangements in order to ensure that they can access the assessment.

Reasonable Adjustments Policy can be found at:


Centres must have Centres must have their own auditable appeals procedure that they must explain to candidates during the induction to the courses.

The IQ appeals policy can be found at:



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