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New IQ qualification raises the customer service skills of Store Detectives and reduces loss

Industry Qualifications, the first pan-sector mutual awarding organisation in the UK, has approved Goldmark Training to offer an accredited qualification for store detectives.

The IQ Level 2 Organisation Award in Providing Store Detective Services takes a proactive view of dealing with, and preventing shop theft. Security staff have the opportunity to make the transition from guard to store detective, learning techniques to develop observational and customer service skills, as well as conducting arrests within legal boundaries.

In promoting a progression route from security guard to store detective to loss prevention manager, emphasis is placed on working in a co-ordinated way with other staff in the store. Loss prevention is everyone’s responsibility and by working effectively with the retail and management teams losses can be reduced and the reputation of the store retained.

The one day course provides the delegate with a different perspective in dealing with and deterring shop theft and building relationships with customers, management team and staff. Practical techniques such as observation skills to post incident reviews are explored during the course.

Ruth Goldsworthy who developed the qualification said;

“We firmly believe that improving the customer service skills of Store Detectives reduces shrinkage as a proactive approach acts as a powerful deterrent. Sitting at the exit to the store waiting for the thief to leave may have some effect on arrest rates but it won’t necessarily tackle loss in the broader sense. We advocate and teach ‘approach & deter’ and ‘observe and arrest’.

We are now looking at adding a second day of training in physical intervention. Store Detectives often work alone, so they need different physical intervention techniques to those delivered to door staff.”

Continuing Ruth said

“In the current climate it is vital every resource is maximised.  Therefore giving security staff additional skills increases their flexibility and value to the company. This is the first in a series of courses aimed at delivering real cost savings in the retail sector. Goldmark are grateful to IQ for all their help, support and assistance, in bringing this much needed product to market.

Chief Executive of Industry Qualifications, Ray Clarke said;

“Our portfolio of security qualifications is one of the broadest in the sector. There are a number of specialisms vital to the ever increasing professionalism of the sector which can, and should, be recognised with robust and content rich qualifications. The IQ model enables skills and knowledge which often goes unrewarded to be recognised against a national benchmark.”

Further details for editors

Goldmark Training Services Ltd is proud to be able to call on over 30years of experience in the area of Retail Loss Prevention.  Ruth Goldsworthy has worked with and successfully developed training materials for some of the leading FMCG retailers in the UK.

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