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Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member of IQ Qualifications

We recognise that becoming an IQ member takes a little more commitment and time than is usually required to become an assessment centre for an awarding organisation. However, we have a duty to our members to protect the integrity of the IQ brand. In addition, the added value opportunities provided through a mutual environment along with profit distribution to customers warrant a more considered approach.

Approval: Requires completion of the centre approval form, centre approval visit and we also offer members the opportunity to raise objections to the inclusion of new members through a process of peer group review. This allows us to develop greater confidence in the probity and standing of the member. To become a member, organisations are then required to complete:

  • The centre approval form and
  • Relevant sections of the qualification approval form within the centre approval form.
    • If you would like to offer a nationally accredited qualification, please submit Appendix A.
    • If you would like to develop a customised qualification on our framework, please submit Appendix B

For more help with completing the form, please see the centre approval guide and qualification development guide.

Legal: As a member of IQ Qualifications LLP, members are bound by the LLP partnership agreement, license agreement and brand manual.

Legal documents: Applicant members are required to sign:

Please check the Approval and Membership sections for more help and information.

Financial risk: Members do not make an investment in the LLP and the assets are provided by Industry Qualifications Ltd. In this way members are not exposed to any financial risk.

    Membership Benefits

    Members of IQ Qualifications obtain all the benefits open to assessment centres in relation to value,(pricing), quality and the opportunity to develop qualifications. However, membership brings with it further benefits.

    Pricing:In addition to the competitive pricing and transparent pricing structure available to centres, members of IQ Qualifications LLP also benefit from a reduction in centre approval and verification fees.

    Shared rewards: We believe that financial success should be shared with members. Profits after a controlled and limited payment to investors, and provisions for future investment, are returned to members. Members of IQ Qualifications LLP receive a dividend dependent upon the level of their expenditure.

    Involvement: Members of IQ Qualifications LLP have the opportunity to influence the policy, direction and management of the awarding organisation. Opportunities extend to standing for election to the management committee of IQ Qualifications LLP. For us, members are not just customers to whom we offer products; they are stakeholders in the way that we manage the business.

    Opportunity: IQ Qualifications LLP provides the opportunity for members to co-operate and share contacts and opportunities through the organisation. An example would be the export of vocational education, where co-operation between members and IQ can expand the opportunities for members, and lever real international presence.

    Respect: As a membership organisation, our focus is to work with members and respect their long term role as part of the IQ organisation. IQ views members as long term partners, not a route to market.

    Business Development: IQ Qualifications LLP takes opportunities that arise to support promotional activities on behalf of members and is willing where appropriate to involve members in export initiatives.