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Involvement Options

Joining IQ Qualifications

There are different types of relationship you can have with IQ Qualifications LLP. These include:

  • Centre: IQ recognises centres in an identical way to a traditional awarding body. Centres are able to offer assessment for IQ qualifications. The relationship between the centre and IQ is one of customer and supplier.
  • Representative member: Representative members are centres and enjoy the same sort of relationship with IQ as members. However, they have a strategic position in their industry sector and co-ordinate satellite centres on behalf of IQ. The representative member essentially provides the customer facing contact for IQ.


Employer Support Required for New IQ Qualifications

As part of our qualification development work, IQ regularly liaises with Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) in order to obtain their support to develop a qualification that falls into their sector.

Development on two qualifications, the:

  • IQ Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF)
  • IQ Level 2 Award in Under Age Sales Prevention (QCF),

requires additional employer support before we can get approval from the SSC. As such IQ would be very grateful if all centres interested in offering either of the above qualifications could pass our request for support onto their employer clients.

To provide us with formal support a company must tell us why they feel the qualifications would be of benefit to learners in a letter written on company headed paper. For more information on how to do this please get in touch.


Why we need Employer Support

The Sector Skills Council (SSC) for this sector, People 1st, has requested evidence of employer support for the development of this qualification. This is in addition to the usual letters of support from centres and training providers which are always needed before developing qualifications. Having the support of People 1st is very important in order for IQ to develop a regulated and funded qualification in this sector.


IQ Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF) description
The IQ Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF) is a knowledge-based qualification aimed at those who work or intend to work in a sector that involves the retail sale of alcohol. In accordance with the Licensing Act 2003, it is necessary to hold a personal licence holder qualification before applying for a personal licence to sell alcohol at licensed premises. It provides formal recognition of the learners’ knowledge and as it has no competence component, it is suitable for those who are not in work, for example individuals studying subjects in which the issue of alcohol sale is important. As the qualification is generic, it is relevant to any alcohol licensed premises including but not limited to pubs, clubs, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, off-licences, casinos, entertainment venues and leisure facilities.


By completing the single mandatory unit, all learners will cover the validity, legal duties, application process and licensing objectives relating to personal licences in England and Wales; the effects of alcohol, the law, the role of the Designate Premises Supervisor (DPS), Temporary Event Notices, the protection of children, the powers of the police and other authorities, prohibitions and exemptions.


Objectives of the qualification include preparing learners to progress to a qualification in the same subject area but at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, skills and understanding, meeting relevant programmes of learning, preparing learners for employment and supporting a role in the workplace.


Learners who have achieved the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF) can progress to a range of other qualifications using credits already achieved, as the single unit ‘Legal and Social Responsibilities of a Personal Licence Holder’ is common to them, including:


The Level 2 Award in Hospitality Business Operations (QCF)
The Level 2 Award in Licensed Retailing (QCF)
The Level 2 Certificate in Licensed Hospitality Operations (QCF)
The Level 3 Diploma in Food and Beverage Service Supervision (QCF)
Qualification number: TBC
Guided Learning Hours: 8
Credit: 1
Purpose: D2
Age group: 18 plus
Sector: 7.4 Hospitality and Catering
Rules of Combination:
To achieve the IQ Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (QCF), learners must achieve 1 credit from the single mandatory unit.

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Becoming a member of IQ Resources

IQ Resources is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and organisations become members of the organisation. Membership is charged at £50 per year and organisations are registered at Companies House as members of the LLP and are required to abide by the IQ Resources LLP agreement.

Further information on IQ Resources can be found here.