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Membership Benefits

The IQ Resources system explained.

Benefits for you

Membership of IQ Resources provides access to IQ sales channels through the following:

  • Promotion and sale of your products by the IQ business development team, both in the UK and through our growing international network.
  • Dedicated page of our website detailing your product(s) alongside order forms.
  • Where relevant, a link to your product(s) underneath the relevant qualifications on our main site.
  • E-commerce options direct from the IQ website (coming soon).
  • Access to IQ’s sector group meetings.


Even if you don’t have a finished product but feel you have a high level of sector expertise, IQ can help! We can:

  • Assist in taking products to a merchantable standard.
  • Advise you on protecting your intellectual property and your approach to sales.
  • Act as a catalyst for new product development whenever opportunities arise.


Finally, we constantly monitor both national and international developments and regularly participate in writing bids for tender opportunities. As a member of IQ Resources you will have the opportunity of direct involvement in this process and we will actively involve you if we think there is a role your company or product can fulfil. Even better, IQ take care of:

  • Bid team creation.
  • Authorship and submission of tenders.
  • Project management and contract control.


This is another area in which we feel our model really shines, as the more that membership of IQ Resources expands, the more our ability to meet tender demands also expands, which in turn provides more opportunities for IQ Resources members. Mutuality really is the key!

Benefits for us

We strive to be transparent in everything we do. Here’s what we get out of this relationship:

  • 20% commission on every sale made through IQ Resources.
  • Ability to provide our training centres with a choice of high quality training materials, allowing them to choose the solution that’s right for them.
  • Ability to provide a more rounded offer for potential clients by including your products in our tendering activities.

This mutual relationship will benefit the customer!