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What is IQ Resources?

IQ Resources is a sister company of Industry Qualifications. It has been created by taking IQ’s revolutionary approach to the operating structure of an awarding body and applying it to the provision of learning materials and the collection of sector expertise.

Unlike many of our competitors, IQ does not provide its own training materials to complement our qualifications. We feel that doing so creates a system which benefits the awarding body, who are able to sell their products as a package (at a premium price), but not the training provider, who is forced to choose that product regardless of its quality, nor the learner who has to make use of them. We recognised that this self-serving approach goes against the founding principles of IQ and, as such, we were determined to do things differently.

In the system that we have pioneered, we invite outside individuals and companies to become members of the IQ Resources Limited Liability Partnership, whereupon we can help market and sell their product to training providers and the people taking our qualifications. The beauty of this system is its versatility; we are not limited to offering a sole product and ideally we aim to present the customer with a choice, allowing them to pick the solution that’s right for them.

The end result is a better solution for everyone.