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Changes to Skills CFA ERR Workbook

The workbook accompanying the Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) within the Business and Administration sector will no longer be freely available.

The ERR workbook will remain on the Skills CFA website until the 1st of May, after this time the ERR workbook will be available on the e-learning portal at a cost.  The online ERR workbook will be priced at £5 per learner and the Answerbook at £30.

The new e-learning portal will offer a communication and notification service for training providers and learners completing the Skills CFA ERR workbook.  There will also be a library and archive of Skills CFA documents and materials available to access, such as the newly developed Skills CFA ERR Answerbook which will be available for training providers and assessors to purchase.

Any provider that has any suggestions concerning materials that they would like to see available on the e-portal should contact Skills CFA at

Mar 26, 2015 10:04 AM
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