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Customer Service for IQ's 2012 - Quarter 2 Targets Released

The targets released in the second quarter of 2012 shows that IQ continues its dedication to responsive service with all key customer service targets exceeded. 92% of all IQ results were sent to centres within 2 working days, with all results being sent to centres within 4 working days.


Tom Russell, Training & Development Manager of Pheonix Training comments, "Results have been received within 48 working hours on every single occasion, something that has helped us provide good customer service. IQ’s structure works fabulously, the operational staff are clearly well organised and the documents provided from IQ are very helpful – the procedures are easy to follow for booking exams or uploading information to the system. An environmental  benefit of using IQ   is that you only need to print the required number of exams, whereas other exam boards may send out 12 exam papers for each topic when there is only 4 or 5 candidates. This clearly shows IQ’s modern approach which is refreshing for the industry and although IQ is a fairly new company, some of the bigger exam boards could learn a lot from its approach."

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