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Examination Officers’ Association and Industry Qualifications announce partnership

Industry Qualifications, the first pan-sector mutual awarding organisation in the UK, has today announced a partnership with the Examination Officers’ Association (EOA). The EOA is a professional membership organisation representing the exam office community in the UK and abroad. The initial partnership focus will centre on the development of accredited qualifications for invigilation staff as part of an invigilation package which includes a DVD and access to external training courses.

The qualifications will enable senior examination managers to provide their staff with structured and accredited training for those new to invigilation and those leading invigilation teams. The EOA provides affiliate membership for invigilation staff and the new qualifications form an important part of the EOA support for all exams office staff in schools and colleges, in both the state and independent sectors.

The qualifications are part of a package of developments being introduced by the EOA, which both lobbies and represents its’ members in supporting the raising of examination standards. The provision of Continuing Professional Development opportunities for all those engaged in managing and running examinations is a central tenet of this work.

The DVD will provide a training resource for examination managers in schools, colleges and for private training providers who support the delivery of all types of the qualifications. This DVD focuses on providing practical help and advice on exam centre delivery while incorporating all the guidelines and standards issued through  the JCQ, FAB and various government sources.

Andrew Harland, the EOA’s chief executive said,

“In the present climate, the EOA felt it needed to quickly fill the gap being left by past government programmes and IQ was very responsive in fulfilling that goal. Many would agree that the exams environment, like the education sector, is just another industry which needs serving appropriately and IQ’s name incorporating the word ‘industry’ seems to reinforce that perception. This exam industry, through exam centres, oversees the second biggest budget, after salaries, in most schools and colleges and therefore it is vital that all exam office and invigilation personnel are competent, recognised, and valued for their increasingly complex workload.”

Head of Business Development of Industry Qualifications, Sallyann Baldry said;

“The introduction of qualifications to improve standards of invigilation practice comes at an important time as questions continue unabated regarding the integrity and probity of high stakes examinations such as GCSE’s and A’ levels. There is an ever increasing need to recognise the skills and knowledge of professionals working within the exam office community, which often goes unrewarded, and IQ is delighted to be supporting the EOA who are at the forefront of supporting continuing professional development in schools and colleges throughout the UK and abroad.”

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Examination Officers, Association (EOA) is an independent, not for profit, non-union organisation whose role is to support the professional development of exam office personnel working in centres throughout the UK. We ensure our members’ views are heard by government agencies, awarding bodies and senior management teams. Our members have access to information, resources & a strong peer support grass roots network, to help in their day-to-day work. We help our members in promoting the importance of this role to the whole education community so that they can be supported in delivering an effective examination system.

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Sep 26, 2012 03:27 PM