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International Certified Security Consultant Qualification - Now Available at IQ Arabia

The security industry has been expanding in the GCC as a result of the recent incidents and events occurring in the region. Awareness amongst organizations, companies and government agencies towards the importance of having a competent security workforce is becoming more essential. This has led to the number of staff working in the security industry to increase. In order to have an effective workforce, staff must be well trained and be able to apply their training on the job effectively. This will be achieved with the right planning, management, decision making and implementation of decisions effectively. A job only a security consultant can perform and accomplish.

IQ Arabia and Buckinghamshire New University have signed an agreement for the delivery of the (ICSC) International Certified Security Consultant program. The Qualification which is owned by Buckinghamshire New University is now available in the GCC through IQ Arabia which has exclusive rights for the qualification in the region.

Both organizations have reached a mutual agreement in to providing the ICSC training course in the GCC region in accordance with the needs that are required from security personnel taking in to account the region’s culture. The ICSC course has been modified and customized to fit and adapt to the requirements that create the most prestigious and useful modules that one participating in the course may benefit from.

At the end of the training course, participants who have passed the training will receive a certificate from IQ Arabia as well as from Bucks New University.

The ICSC training course is aimed at individuals who wish to secure employment at a management level within the security industry or sectors related to the security industry. It can also be applied as part of continuing development to aid future licensing criteria by the SIA or any other security related field.

Additionally, the ICSC is aimed at non-security industry candidates who may be broadening their service to target larger companies. These organizations may need higher level of general security and may seek and employee responsible for all security issues and wider organizational resilience.

For more information regarding the ICSC qualification and registration, please contact:

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Nov 28, 2014 11:17 AM