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IQ and Working for Wellbeing to launch the Federation of Workplace Wellbeing

Industry Qualifications and Working for Wellbeing have today announced the agreement of a Memorandum of Understanding, covering joint collaboration on work place well-being and in particular Psychological Risk Management.

Under the MOU, IQ and Working for Wellbeing have agreed to create the Federation for Workplace Wellbeing (FWW) within the framework of the Institute of Administrative Management, and to develop certification systems in response to PAS1010, which offers guidance and good practise on assessing and managing psychosocial risks at work and consequential outcomes such as stress.

Stress is one of the most common problems of the modern workplace, affecting the mental and physical well-being of over *55.6 million workers in the European Union each year and resulting in an estimated cost of around *20 billion Euro.

Jerry Thornton of Working for Wellbeing said "We have been working with IQ since 2012 on the development and delivery of qualifications in psychological risk management to level 7. The development of the Federation for Workplace Wellbeing (FWW) within IAM, an established management institute will provide an overarching framework for standards and support for organisations to tackle this very important issue".

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive said "The IQ Group is looking forward to working with Working for Wellbeing and other professionals in the sector to develop the Federation. FWW will help human resources managers, occupational health and safety managers and specialists, managers and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reduce psychosocial risk, an outcome which is in the interest of both employer and employee. This development also compliments the work that we are currently undertaking on corporate resilience.

IQ and WfW are working towards the formal launch of the Federation for Wellbeing in Q1 2015, with the provision of a range of technical and institute services by this time.

For further information contact Working for Wellbeing on or IQ on


*HSE Esener Survey conducted by RAND Europe.

Oct 10, 2014 03:18 PM
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