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IQ Invigilation Certificates Presented

IQ Head of Business Development Sallyann Baldry presented certificates to members of Handsworth Grange Community Sports College's Invigilation Team at a recent event
IQ Invigilation Certificates Presented

Sallyann Presents Certificates to the Invigilation Team

At a recent event members of Julie Davis’ invigilation team received their level 2 and level 3 invigilation certificates from Sallyann Baldry. This was not just a celebration of the invigilation team or the exams office or even the college, but the whole community with family and friends of those involved being invited also.

Handsworth College have been working on their community team approach over a long period of time. They start to pick up on the needs of students long before they get anywhere near any public exams by invigilating all internal exams. Like many well run exam offices, Julie already endorses the JCQ directive on the ‘normal way of working’ making sure all parts of the school community understand how the public exam system will operate so that there is a seamless transition of practice and familiarity from classroom and mock exams through to the public exam hall experience.

Andrew Harland, Chief Executive at the EOA said that – “ the EOA is committed to supporting all aspects of the exam office role and recognise the very important contribution invigilators make towards the successful delivery of exams across the country. Having a confident, motivated and responsive workforce is essential if regulations and standards laid down by the JCQ are to be effectively implemented in all centres”.

There are lots of invigilation courses out there, but the invigilation package provided by the EOA and its partners Exam Team Development (ETD) and Industry Qualifications (IQ) is more than just about keeping the system topped up year-on-year in response to JCQ changes in practice. It is about laying down a long term foundation for raising the overall profile and standards of invigilation across the exam community.

Jun 09, 2015 10:54 AM
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