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IQ & Partnership

In his regular newsletter column, IQ Chief Executive Raymond Clarke takes a look at the theme of partnership.

In this column, I’d like to look closer at something featured in this month’s news that I feel is characteristic of IQ’s innovation and new approach to the operation of an awarding organisation; the new wave of agreements that IQ are currently forging with other awarding organisations, that will allow us to work together for the mutual interest of our customers and the sectors that we work in.

Chief amongst these is our new agreement with Skills for Justice Awards (SFJ Awards), details of which can be found in the announcement here ( This new partnership will allow both organisations to offer the awards of their partner (where there is an overlap in sector / customer base) and will work to the benefit of all involved.

For IQ centres, for instance, this agreement means that you will shortly have access to an additional 50 qualifications, all of which can be registered in the same manner and process as current IQ qualifications. These new qualifications cover a diverse subject range and include awards at levels 5, 6 and 7 too, which significantly expands the breadth of attainment level that can be achieved through IQ. SFJ Awards’ centres meanwhile, which include many organisations from the police and public services sectors, will have access to a wide range of IQ qualifications through their current awarding channels, which will serve to further establish the IQ brand as a champion of quality and standard-raising in the wider public services sector.

SFJ Awards have also chosen to partner with IQ for our Functional Skills offer and this brings me briefly to a second type of partnership that we have recently been pursuing. IQ are now working with a growing number of other awarding organisations, providing their centres with our innovative Functional Skills solution and again, this is indicative of the open and collaborative approach that we adopt with regards to our products and services. The response to our qualifications has been overwhelmingly positive and it has been a genuine pleasure to find so many organisations and providers who are open to a new and different way of looking at Functional Skills, as can be found in the IQ offer.

If you would like to discuss any form of partnership with IQ, please get in touch. We will be making an announcement regarding when these SFJ Awards qualifications will be available to centres shortly. In the meantime, expect more news on this theme in the coming weeks!

Nov 07, 2013 10:19 AM