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IQ Responds to Proposed GCSE Reform

Published in Tuesday's issue of the Guardian, Dr Tony Breslin and Raymond Clarke, Chairman and Chief Executive of IQ respectively, offer their insight in response to the newly proposed English Baccalaureate.

The essence of the International Baccalaureate, from which the Secretary of State's E-Bacc at least infers inspiration, lies not just in its academic rigour but in its holistic embracing of so many characteristics cast aside from the proposed successor to GCSE and our existing secondary school curriculum: the practical, the vocational, the applied, the creative and the community focused.

If this narrow 'non-bacc' is to drive the content of a part of our new core curriculum (as, if introduced, it surely will), it becomes all the more important that, for students of all backgrounds and abilities, the wider curriculum is one that includes the kind of professional and vocational education that industry has long called for, developing in the process the knowledge and skills required not just for employability, but for purposeful community engagement and confident, effective citizenship.