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April Fools: IQ to Develop New Suite of Qualifications in Trainspotting

Update: This news item originally appeared as part of an April Fool's Day joke. The original article can be found below.

Industry Qualifications is set to become the first regulated awarding body to offer qualifications in the rail-enthusiasm sector.

The new suite of qualifications, developed with the backing of the Train and Rail Industry Conglomerate (TRIC), will bring accreditation to a sector which has often been criticised for its wildly divergent standards, and it’s hoped that they will help to inspire a new generation to take up their anoraks.

The IQ Level 2 Industry Award in Basic Locomotive Discovery and Recognition will comprise three mandatory units, giving learners a good understanding of the key practices and concepts. Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the differing power car classes and their varying home regions, whilst also showing understanding of the many hazards that exist in pursuing such a high-risk activity. Level 3 and 4 qualifications are also being developed, which will serve to provide progression routes for career-spotters.

Today’s news comes at a critical time for the train-spotting sector, which has been under significant strain in recent years. Rising numbers of aviation enthusiasts have cannibalised traditional support, whilst Danny Boyle’s seminal film of 1996 helped to expose the darker side of the industry and led to a dramatic reduction in year-on-year take up.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ, said “I’m delighted to reveal the development of these awards. As a keen train-spotter myself, I’m only too aware of the urgent need to get young people involved again. I’ll never forget the joy I felt to finally track down my last 377 in Dorset last year and the thought that these skills could have been lost to future generations is horrifying. Proper training is what this sector needs, if you’ll forgive the pun!”

We anticipate that these awards will go live next quarter. For more information please contact IQ.

Apr 02, 2013 09:24 AM
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