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More Than Just Security

In his regular newsletter column, IQ Chief Executive Raymond Clarke takes a look at IQ's current product range.

Reading through our news this month, it is interesting to see how the breadth of IQ’s sector involvement is evolving. Healthcare, Facilities Management, Functional Skills and Health and Safety have all been added to the IQ portfolio in the past twelve months. In this issue, we cover developments in beauty, as well as building and construction, both of which will become key sectors for IQ during 2014 and will underscore our continuing evolution.

The speed of development is significant. This time last year, security qualifications accounted for some 35% of IQ’s portfolio of national qualifications. Today, the figure is 16% and we are beginning to observe the same changes in registration activity. Overall, it’s clear that IQ is beginning to deliver on its promise of becoming a pan-sector awarding organisation with a growing international presence.

That’s not to say that Security is no longer a key sector for us; on the contrary, there are a number of exciting developments currently taking place in the sector, on which IQ is happy to be leading the way. I recently addressed the Association of British Investigators on the 20th September at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. Sharing a platform with Bill Butler, Chief Executive of the SIA, Alan Blaney of Focus Training and Nicola Ashby of Ash (UK) Process Servers, I spoke on qualifications for the investigation sector and the anticipated impact of licensing. The expectation is that the current IQ and EDI qualifications will be recognised within the regulatory requirements, although there is a possibility that additional top up training might be required if the scope of regulation increases from that originally proposed.

ABI, who are a member of IQ, expect to make an announcement concerning the launch of the ABI academy during the autumn.

Oct 04, 2013 01:53 PM