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New Qualifications: Clinical Skills

IQ have three new specialist awards available for the Health & Social Care sector.


The following qualifications are now available to IQ centres:



Each of these awards consists of a single mandatory unit and range from 21 - 28 guided learning hours.

As the population ages and health work is increasingly undertaken within care homes and other domiciliary settings there is a growing need for specialist procedures to be carried out by trained care workers and support staff. These qualifications help fulfil that need by giving formal recognition of  a learner's knowledge of the relevant theory, practical and professional requirements required to carry out these procedures under supervision. 


Commenting on the new qualifications, Mathew Casey from IQ Centre Beacon Education said, “When dealing with the complex and life threatening issues faced by health and social care workers in their every day jobs, it is imperative that they are armed with the necessary skills to ensure the highest standards of care possible. IQ’s new suite of Clinical Skills awards will provide specialist training in three of the most fundamentally important areas of care today, thus providing the skills to provide the highest degree of care possible.”

For more information on offering these awards please use the links above or get in touch.

Dec 19, 2014 10:02 AM