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Open Letter to IAM Centres

In the wake of IQ's purchase of the Institute of Administrative Management, IQ Chief Executive Raymond Clarke writes to IAM centres to provide some further information on the acquisition and our efforts to cause minimal effects on current centres and students.


The Purchase of IAM by Industry Qualifications (IQ)

I am writing to let you know that the name and intellectual property of the Institute of Administrative Management have been purchased by Industry Qualifications Ltd (IQ), which will hopefully start to bring to a close a few months of uncertainty for IAM centres, students and members.

I’m pleased to confirm that we are keen to re-establish the IAM brand, qualifications and services as quickly and efficiently as possible, and I wanted to take the earliest opportunity to introduce IQ, and outline our initial plans.

Industry Qualifications (IQ)

I recognise that IQ is likely to be a new name for some of you, so perhaps if I can start by providing a short introduction. IQ is a regulated awarding organisation recognised by all four regulation authorities in the United Kingdom. Established in 2011, we are one of the fastest growing awarding organisations in the UK and enjoy a growing international presence. The company is uniquely constructed on mutual principles with a strong focus on quality, partnership, value and innovation. I would encourage you to visit our website to learn a little more about the organisation.

As you may appreciate, events have moved very quickly for us since becoming aware of the opportunity to acquire the IAM title and assets and we recognise that there is much to do, and that there will be a steep learning curve for IQ staff. The purchase, however, fits comfortably with our strategic plan to offer long course programmes and to grow our international presence. We look forward to working with stakeholders, therefore, to re-create a range of qualification products and an Institute that meets both member and stakeholder needs and is a strong international presence in the management sector.

Whilst detailed dialogue will be undertaken over the coming weeks and months, I wanted to take this opportunity to outline the broad direction of travel, and most importantly to emphasise our recognition that the most urgent issue for us to address is the re-establishment of the qualification structure.

IAM Qualifications

In parallel to the purchase of IAM qualification assets, IQ and the IAM have been in dialogue with Ofqual. As a result, we expect to have most or all of the IAM qualifications transferred to IQ and for them to be operational by early to mid-February. Whilst our initial focus will be on those awards with the largest volumes of students registered, in order that we can provide certainty to those currently studying, the intention is to re-establish the full suite.

There are still many questions to address and please excuse the absence of detail, but the intention is as follows:-

  • IAM qualifications will become IQ qualifications of the same title, branded IAM in the same way that Pearson uses the BTEC brand.
  • Student enrolment fees already paid will be recognised, with only examination fees due if they are applicable.
  • We will endeavour to run examination series to dates originally set by IAM. We expect to make a firm announcement on this within the coming weeks.
  • Centres approved by IAM will be automatically recognised by IQ, but will be subject to external verification visits on a planned basis, as early as is possible.
  • We will provide a more detailed letter for students, specific to their course of studies, as early as we can in February. As you may expect, we have a considerable amount of data to assimilate in the coming weeks and we wish to ensure that we communicate effectively with students and centres.

We are in the process of agreeing a plan with Ofqual to review all of the IAM qualifications and units over the course of the coming twelve months to ensure their suitability moving forward.

IAM Institute Services

Whilst the re-launch of IAM qualifications is our highest priority, we will be opening dialogue with Institute members and stakeholders as we move into the spring on the nature of the Institute that they would wish to see moving forward. At this stage, it is our intention to maintain the membership categories, but we are interested to learn about the services that were or could be important to members, and the way in which they would wish to see their institute structured. We understand that over 100,000 people have been members since the Institute was established and we wish to respect this history, whilst providing a forward looking and innovative body that is firmly anchored in the future.

In addition to membership services and structure, we will also make a decision on the future of The Manager magazine by early March and would be interested in developing an understanding of member’s views. If you would like to get in touch please do so using the contact information at the bottom of this page.


It is clear that we have much to do, and on behalf of the shareholders, directors and staff at IQ I would like you to know that we are hugely excited by the challenges and opportunities ahead, and look forward to working with you on your Institute. We believe that our qualifications infrastructure, breadth of services and growing international footprint, combined with the level of innovation for which IQ is quickly establishing a reputation, will place IAM on a firm footing moving forward. Our aim is to re-establish and grow the IAM presence in the management sector and I hope that you will be able and willing to play your part in helping us to make this happen.

I will be writing again shortly, but in the interim, thank you for your patience.


Kind regards,

Raymond Clarke

Chief Executive

Jan 28, 2014 02:33 PM
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