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Upskilling the Savoy – Case Study

Working with IQ, Reikan Security Services Ltd has recently carried out the upskilling training for door supervisors at the world famous Savoy Hotel in London. We asked Reikan’s Paul Keates to tell us about the training…

The Savoy is one of the World’s Leading Hotels and has a reputation for excellence that is second to none. Situated in the heart of London’s West End, the hotel is frequented by society’s elite.

In these days of high terrorist threat and an ever increasing issue with alcohol related crime and disorder, The Savoy has a responsibility to ensure that clients, visitors and staff are made to feel safe and secure when staying or visiting the hotel and as such it is the responsibility of the Director of Security, Mr Barry Lugg to make that happen.

The security team at the hotel are all extremely experienced in their role and the officers and managers are all SIA licensed. With the changes to the SIA requirements for door supervisors the Hotel identified that they had a need to carry out the up skilling training.

After searching various suppliers, Barry decided to employ Reikan Security Services Ltd. a small company which has a background in the hospitality industry and is a newly approved IQ training centre.

The training took place for six members of The Savoy security team. Set in one of the hotels’ large conference and banqueting rooms; it was an ideal location to teach the sessions. The training itself consisted of two modules; physical intervention training and security safety awareness. The IQ Level 2 Award in Upskilling Door Supervisors qualification fully met the requirement, allowing licensed door supervisors to renew their existing SIA licence.

As all the security officers being trained were seasoned professionals it was an ideal opportunity to cover the new legislation and to refresh knowledge in areas such as basic first aid and dealing with children on licensed properties.

The module on Physical Intervention techniques provided training which ensured the officers felt more confident when dealing with potentially threatening situations. Having the tools to be able to calm a situation down and deal quietly with any eventuality was greatly appreciated by the hotel staff, as The Savoy’s clientele is such that being able to use tried and tested techniques to deal with incidents professionally and in a quiet and controlled way is the ideal situation for all concerned.

IQ was the preferred supplier for Reikan Security Services Ltd as they have a reputation for fast and efficient management, and their help desk is always so professional when dealing with any enquiry that a centre may have. The whole process from vetting the training companies, to the handling of each and every certification has been carried out with extreme professionalism; a very quick and smooth process.

“As a new company working with IQ I can honestly say that the whole process of setting up as a centre and carrying out my first session at The Savoy has been seamless, the staff at IQ and, in particular the help desk, have been extremely helpful in ensuring that my company has everything we need to provide a quality service that is expected by my clientele, I am looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with IQ and will be expanding my training portfolio as soon as possible”.

Paul Keates

Director and Chief Trainer

Reikan Security Services Ltd.


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