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IQ Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 2


Qualification Number 601/0530/6
Title IQ Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 2
Category National
Sector Functional Skills
Operational Start Date 31/07/2013
Operational End Date 30/05/2018
Total Units 3 Min Credit
Min Guided Learning Hours 45 Max Guided Learning Hours 45
Min Age From 11 Min Age To 100

Registration Fee : £14.00 (excluding VAT) 

This is the administrative fee that IQ charges centres to register a learner on this qualification, and NOT a training fee. All fees include registration, certification and postage (international delivery rates may apply). 

Moderation Fee : £


This specification is intended for trainers, centres and learners. General information regarding centre approval, registration, IQR (IQs candidate management system), assessment papers, certification, conducting external and controlled assessment, reasonable adjustments, special consideration, appeals procedure are available from the website.

It should be read in conjunction with the following documents:

Qualification Purpose

For Qualification Purpose Statement please click here

About this Qualification

Functional Skills English are free standing qualifications designed to give learners the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. They have been created in response to employers’ recommendations that learners would benefit from a thorough grounding in the basics and the ability to problem-solve. IQ Functional Skills qualifications are available in English, mathematics and ICT at Entry Level 1, 2, 3 and levels 1 and 2. They assess the Functional Skills standards, coverage and range.

Take this Qualification

If you are interested in taking this qualification and would like to find your nearest IQ centre, please give us a call on 01952 457 452 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Each IQ Functional Skills Qualification in English consists of one unit with three components; speaking, listening and communication (SLC), reading and writing. Each component is separately assessed. Each qualification is worth a notional five QCF credits.


Assessment for these qualifications is summative and should only be attempted when the learners have acquired the functional English skills and knowledge to achieve success. Assessment can take place in any supervised environment which can support an electronic or paper-based assessment (depending on centre choice) and includes the learner’s workplace.

For these qualifications, each component is individually assessed and learners will only be certificated once all three components have been successfully completed. Learners can achieve components at any level; however the qualification is awarded at the level of the lowest component achieved. Learners are automatically notified of their performance electronically once their assessments have been awarded. A summary of component achievements will be included with the qualification certificate. Centres can request individual component completion certificates for learners at a charge.  Learners who have completed English components with other awarding organisations will be able to apply for APL toward the qualification.

The assessment tasks cover all of the skills standards, coverage and range.  Learners must achieve all the skill standards and each of the coverage and range for each component. The qualification is not graded; successful learners who achieve all three components will achieve a pass.


Assessment description

Time allowed
unless access arrangements apply)


Paper based / electronic assessment


Entry Level 1


Entry Level 2


Entry Level 3




One internally set and marked assessment comprising of two tasks

Entry 1: 30 minutes

Entry 2: 30 minutes

Entry 3: 30 minutes

Achievement Record used to record assessment outcomes

Not applicable


One IQ externally set and internally marked assessment comprising of two related tasks

Total  14  marks: Entry level  1

Total  16  marks: Entry level  2

Total  16  marks: Entry level  3




Entry 1: 45 minutes

Entry 2: 45 minutes

Entry 3: 30 minutes

Dictionary or bilingual dictionary allowed

Learners record their answers on a hard copy question paper


One IQ externally set and internally marked assessment comprising of two related tasks

Total   18 marks: Entry level  1

Total   24 marks: Entry level  2

Total   26 marks: Entry level  3




Entry 1: 45 minutes

Entry 2: 45 minutes

Entry 3: 1 hour

Learners record their answers on the hard copy answer paper or can word process


Level 1

Level 2


One internally set and marked assessment comprising of two tasks

30 minutes

Achievement Record  used to record assessment outcomes

Not applicable


One IQ externally set and externally marked assessment comprising of two unrelated tasks

Total 20 marks: Level 1

Total 30 marks: Level 2




45 minutes

1 hour

Dictionary or  bilingual dictionary allowed

Learners  record their answers  on a hard copy question paper or take an onscreen assessment

Each Functional Skills Entry Level Assessment contains detailed instructions for the assessor and the learner. Centres should familiarise themselves with the assessment before it takes place in order to prepare the learner and source any materials that may be required.
Entry level qualifications are taken under controlled assessment regulations. This means that the assessments and their mark schemes are provided by IQ and marked by the centre. The centre will be offered a choice of assessment papers and should choose the most appropriate one for their learners. The assessment tasks have been designed so that centres can contextualise (adapt them) to reflect their learners’ characteristics and culture.

Level 1 and level 2 qualifications are taken under examination conditions, apart from SLC which is taken under controlled assessment regulations and must take place in an environment free from extraneous noise to enable the learner to complete their tasks without disruption or interruption. This can be the learner’s workplace.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for Functional Skills English qualifications however centres should ensure that learners have the maturity and experience to access Functional Skills assessments before they are entered.

Tutor Requirements

IQ requires that all tutors are competent and/or qualified in English to at least Level 2 if delivering Entry Level or Level 1 Functional English. Those delivering Level 2 should be competent and/or qualified to Level 3. All tutors must be conversant with the qualifications and their assessments. Tutors must have (or are working towards) the relevant teaching or assessor qualification for their industry. Centres are expected to support their staff in ensuring that their knowledge of functional skills standards, delivery and assessment requirements remain current.

Tutors responsible for delivering and assessing controlled assessment must undertake the relevant IQ training available from the IQ website.

Centre Requirements

Centres must be approved by IQ in order to offer this qualification



Downloadable Resources

    Sample Online Assessments

    These are provided to demonstrate the layout of the assessments on-screen