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IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (QCF)

Qualification Number 600/2832/4
Title IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (QCF)
Category National
Sector General Skills | Hospitality & Tourism
Operational Start Date 06/09/2011
Operational End Date 31/07/2014
Total Units 49 Min Credit 28
Min Guided Learning Hours 192 Max Guided Learning Hours 228
Min Age From 16 Min Age To 100

Rate: £50.00

About this Qualification

The IQ Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Customer Service (QCF) is a qualification for individuals who would like to develop their ability to deliver customer service in a range of situations. It is suitable for learners intending to develop their customer service skills as a major part of their role and equally for those who recognise customer service as a useful additional skill. There is a wide range of optional units covering many different aspects of customer services for the learner to choose from.


To achieve the IQ Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service (QCF) learners need a minimum of 28 credits.  8 credits from the two mandatory units (group A); the remaining 20 credits must be achieved from completing a minimum of one unit from each of the 4 optional groups (at least 11 of these 20 credits must be at level 2).

IndexGroupUnit Ref.Unit TitleCreditGuided
1Optional Group BR/601/1226Deal with customers in writing or electronically640
1Optional Group EA/601/1530Support customer service improvements533
1Optional Group EH/601/1540Support customers using on-line customer services533
1Optional Group CA/601/1222Use questioning techniques when delivering customer service427
1Optional Group BD/601/0936Promote additional services or products to customers640
1Optional Group BJ/601/1224Make telephone calls to customers640
1Optional Group CH/601/1232Improve the customer relationship747
1Optional Group BM/601/1220Go the extra mile in customer service640
1Mandatory Group AF/601/1609Communicate using customer service language430
1Optional Group EH/601/1571Gather, analyse and interpret customer feedback1067
1Optional Group EM/601/1542Buddy a colleague to develop their customer service skills533
1Mandatory Group AL/601/1614Follow the rules to deliver customer service430
1Optional Group CK/601/1216Recognise diversity when delivering customer service533
1Optional Group BM/601/1217Live up to the customer service promise640
1Optional Group DT/601/1509Take details of customer service problems427
1Optional Group CY/601/1213Deliver customer service on your customer’s premises533
1Optional Group BF/601/1223Deal with incoming telephone calls from customers533
1Optional Group EH/601/1554Promote continuous improvement747
1Optional Group DM/601/1508Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems533
1Optional Group DM/601/1511Resolve customer service problems640
1Optional Group BL/601/1211Adapt your behaviour to give a good customer service impression533
1Optional Group ER/601/1548Develop your own customer service skills through self-study640
1Optional Group BR/601/1209Maintain a positive and customer-friendly attitude533
1Optional Group CL/601/1225Deal with customers using bespoke software533
1Optional Group CA/601/1219Deal with customers across a language divide853
1Optional Group BR/601/1212Communicate effectively with customers533
1Optional Group DD/601/1519Apply risk assessment to customer service1067
1Optional Group CH/601/1229Deliver customer service using service partnerships640
1Optional Group DD/601/1522Process customer service complaints640
1Optional Group BK/601/1233Build a customer service knowledge set747
1Optional Group BD/601/1231Organise the promotion of additional services or products to customers747
1Optional Group CY/601/1227Maintain customer service through effective hand over427
1Optional Group BT/601/1221Deal with customers face to face533
1Optional Group CA/601/1205Do your job in a customer-friendly way533
1Optional Group BT/601/1218Make customer service personal640
1Optional Group ET/601/1526Develop customer relationships640
1Optional Group EY/601/1549Support customers using self-service technology533
1Optional Group BD/601/1228Use customer service as a competitive tool853
1Optional Group BH/601/1215Process information about customers533
1Optional Group ET/601/1574Monitor the quality of customer service transactions747
1Optional Group DJ/601/1515Monitor and solve customer service problems640
1Optional Group DT/601/1512Deliver customer service to difficult customers640
1Optional Group BL/601/0933Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation533
1Optional Group ED/601/1553Work with others to improve customer service853
1Optional Group EK/601/1555Develop your own and others’ customer service skills853
1Optional Group CY/601/1230Organise the delivery of reliable customer service640
1Optional Group CJ/601/1210Deliver reliable customer service533
1Optional Group EH/601/1568Lead a team to improve customer service747
1Optional Group ER/601/1534Develop personal performance through delivering customer service640


Assessment for this qualification is portfolio based. A qualification achievement record for this qualification is available from the IQ website. Specific assessment guidance for each unit is in the relevant unit’s “Assessment guidance and delivery” section. Assessment must also be in accordance with the assessment strategy located at the end of this document as Appendix A.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 1 or above.

Tutor Requirements

All trainers delivering this qualification must meet the requirements as per the assessment strategy. Please see Appendix A.

Centre Requirements



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