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IQ Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Sales (SQI) (QCF)


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Qualification Number 601/4828/7
Title IQ Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Sales (SQI) (QCF)
Category National
Sector General Skills
Operational Start Date 14/10/2014
Operational End Date 30/06/2016
Total Units 29 Min Credit 37
Min Guided Learning Hours 180 Max Guided Learning Hours 203
Min Age From 16 Min Age To 100

Qualification Purpose

About this Qualification

The IQ Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Sales (QCF) has been developed in association with SQI and is a qualification aimed at individuals who intend to develop and gain formal recognition of their competence of working as a salesperson. The qualification is suitable for individuals working, or with access to work, in a variety of selling and sales representative roles, with selling to clients, customers and businesses as a major component.

By achieving the qualification learners will cover the required essentials of selling and sales representation at this level. In the mandatory units learners will cover; negotiating, handling objections and closing sales, as well as complying with legal, and ethical requirements. There are a range of optional units allowing learners scope to choose those areas most relevant to them, including but not limited to: selling at exhibitions, time planning, customers’ after sales needs, analysing sales related information, buyer behaviour, sales promotions, delivering a sales presentation, sales call plans, finance for customers, customer credit, monitoring sales team performance, sales proposals, developing sales support, professional development, networks, leading and managing meetings, induction of staff, recruiting sales team members. Objectives of the qualification include: preparing learners to progress to a qualification in the same subject area but at a higher level or requiring more specific knowledge, achieving relevant skills and understanding, meeting relevant programmes of learning, preparing learners for employment and supporting a role in the workplace.

The qualification is the competence based component of the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sales and Telesales.


Learners who achieve this qualification can progress to other apprenticeship qualifications including the IQ Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service. They can also progress to the IQ IAM level 4 Diploma in Business and Administration, and, with experience, the IQ Level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Sales (SQI) (QCF).

Take this Qualification

If you are interested in taking this qualification and would like to find your nearest IQ centre, please give us a call on 01952 457 452 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


To achieve this qualification, learners must complete a minimum of 37 credits: 6 credits from the Mandatory Group A, and a further 31 credits from Optional Groups B and C – with a maximum of 13 credits being completed from group C. A minimum of 22 credits must be achieved at level 3.

SQI Only
Mandatory Group AMinimum Units:2
 Minimum Credits:6
 A/502/8561Complying with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in a sales or marketing role2213
 F/502/8612Negotiating, handling objections and closing sales3422
Optional Group BMinimum Units:4
 Minimum Credits:18
 T/502/8638Assessing customers’ credit status3426
 K/502/8636Assisting customers in obtaining finance for purchases3211
 F/502/8657Building and retaining sales relationships4534
 K/502/8622Buyer behaviour in sales situations3327
 H/600/9724Communicate information and knowledge2310
 T/502/8624Communicating using digital marketing/sales channels3426
 A/502/8639Contributing to the development and launch of new products and/or services3426
 D/502/8634Developing and implementing sales call plans3322
 L/502/8659Developing and implementing sales support and customer service programmes4535
 A/502/8656Developing sales proposals4530
 L/600/9586Manage own professional development within an organisation3420
 R/502/8601Meeting customers’ after sales needs2314
 M/502/8654Monitoring and managing sales team performance4532
 H/502/8618Obtaining and analysing competitor information3318
 R/502/8615Obtaining and analysing sales-related information3424
 L/502/8631Preparing and delivering a sales presentation3428
 L/502/8628Pricing for sales promotions3534
 D/502/8651Prioritising information for sales planning4320
 J/502/8594Selling at exhibitions2528
 F/502/8559Time planning in sales2213
Optional Group CMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 R/600/9587Develop, maintain and review personal networks4425
 Y/600/9686Lead and manage meetings3420
 T/502/8641Leading a sales or marketing team3425
 F/502/8643Managing the induction and probation of sales staff3315
 Y/601/1230Organise the delivery of reliable customer service3640
 L/502/8662Recruiting sales team members4423
 M/600/9676Support learning and development within own area of responsibility4525


Assessment for this qualification is portfolio based. It must also be in accordance with the relevant assessment strategy located at the end of this document in Appendix A, (CfA - Assessment Strategy 2010 Sales Standards – updated January 2013). Specific assessment guidance for each unit is in the relevant unit’s “Assessment guidance and delivery” section.

A Qualification Achievement Record for this qualification which includes the forms necessary to map and claim competence is available to download from the SQI or IQ websites.

Learner Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. However, learners should be able to work at level 2 or above and be proficient in the use of English Language.

Tutor Requirements

All trainers/assessors and internal verifiers delivering this qualification must meet the requirements as per the assessment strategy relevant to each unit. Further guidance can be found in section 5 of Appendix A, (CfA - Assessment Strategy 2010 Sales Standards – updated January 2013).

Centre Requirements

Centres must be approved by IQ SQI in order to offer this qualification.



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