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IQ Level 2 Certificate in Providing Security Services


Qualification Number 600/2610/8
Title IQ Level 2 Certificate in Providing Security Services
Category National
Sector Security | Facilities
Operational Start Date 25/08/2011
Operational End Date 31/12/2018
Total Units 28 Mandatory Units 24
Min Guided Learning Hours 138 Max Guided Learning Hours
Min Age From 16


Registration Fee : £51.00 (excluding VAT) 

This is the administrative fee that IQ charges centres to register a learner on this qualification, and NOT a training fee. All fees include registration, certification and postage (delivery rates may apply for postage to international centres). 


About this Qualification

The IQ Level 2 Certificate in Providing Security Services is a qualification for individuals who work in the private security industry. There are four pathways for the learner to select from: three specific pathways (Static and Patrol Guarding, Door Supervision and CCTV Operation) and a general pathway. Learners should select the one that is most appropriate for them. This qualification is competence based and the units are based on Skills for Security NOS for Security and Loss Prevention.

Unit Structure

IQ Level 2 Certificate in Providing Security Services
Mandatory GroupMinimum Units:4
 Minimum Credits:9
 D/601/9040Communicate effectively with others2215
 F/601/9189Control security incidents2322
 K/601/9042Portray a positive personal image2215
 D/601/9037Reducing the risks to health and safety at work2220
Door Supervision PathwayMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 J/601/9212Arrest by security operative2320
 T/601/9206Carry out searches of people and their property2214
 L/601/9213Deal with disorderly and aggressive behaviour2211
 F/601/9208Provide security at licensed venues2214
Static and Patrol Guarding PathwayMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 F/601/9211Carry out searches of vehicles for unauthorised items2215
 F/601/9192Control entry to and egress from premises2213
 T/601/9190Maintain the security of property and premises through observation3323
CCTV PathwayMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 J/602/5351Maintain CCTV recording media libraries and preserve potential evidence2216
 Y/601/9215Maintain the operational performance of CCTV systems2212
 R/601/9214Monitor areas using CCTV systems2424
General PathwayMinimum Units:0
 Minimum Credits:0
 J/601/9047Assess and address risk to the environment2214
 H/601/9198Control a guard dog under operational conditions2530
 D/601/9197Deal with lost and found property219
 H/601/9217Detect loss and theft in retail environments2313
 Y/601/9196Maintain understanding of current legislation and regulation relevant to the security officer role4312
 L/601/9194Preventing unauthorised items passing through ports2648
 K/601/9039Promote a healthy and safe workplace2214
 J/601/9050Protecting from the risk of violence at work2322
 D/601/9216Provide covert security in retail environments2212
 R/601/9195Record information relevant to the security operative role219
 J/601/9193Respond to keyholding visit requests2216
 R/601/9049Use radio communications effectively2214
 K/601/9218Visit sites in response to keyholding requests2320
 F/601/9046Work effectively with other agencies2215


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